Coronavirus, What to Do With Your Pets While In Quarantine

If you own a dog or cat, you may be understandably worried about the spread of the coronavirus and what you’ll do to keep them healthy and happy in the case of a quarantine. Well, don’t start tearing out your hair just yet because help is on the way. We are going to show you right here some fun and entertaining ways you can keep your pets content while in quarantine:

1. Have a Solid Stock of Food and Treats On Hand

The first thing to remember before the fun begins is to be certain that you have enough food for your dog or cat. Being able to keep your pet well-fed and on their usual diet will help them stay in tip-top shape. So be sure to check your pet food supply. You should have enough for two or three weeks to play it safe.

2. Start a Treasure Hunt

If you happen to be stuck inside with your dog, you know how quickly they can become bored and restless. Before you get annoyed, why not start a treasure hunt? Take some of your best friend’s favorite treats and distribute them in various rooms throughout the house. Then call your dog and, once they learn what the game is, watch how fast they will find them. This could occupy them for quite a while since as long as they know there’s a goody out there somewhere waiting to be found, they won’t quit until they’ve pounced on it.

3. Boxes and Other Toys

If your kitten enjoys playing inside boxes, find some empty ones and let them go at it! You can use any empty boxes from recent deliveries if you have them on hand.

You can also take an old toy that your cat has tired of and turn it into something new and interesting by giving it a shot of catnip spray.

4. Create a Doggy Den

Collect some blankets or old sheets and make a cozy and fun doggy den for your dog to play and snuggle in. You can also hide some of their favorite toys and treats inside to really make their day. Every pup likes to have their own special place, and when you add toys and treats, they’ll be over the moon! Quarantine? They won’t have a clue.

5. Teach New Tricks

If you’re a dog owner you know how much they adore your company and want to spend every minute with you. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your old dog or young pup a new trick or two.

Perhaps you’ve already done all of the basic dog training with your pet, such as sit, come, stay, etc. Sure those skills are important for all dogs to learn, but now’s the time to have some real fun and teach your dog a few tricks like playing dead, bowing, begging, etc. just to name a few. Spend some time with your dog teaching him some fun tricks and you’ll both benefit from it.

This will give you dog the mental stimulation he needs, help you to bond even closer with him, plus you’ll both have some great trick to show your friends both human and animal.

6. Special Treats

Think about getting your dog a chew treat that will last longer than an hour or two. The Himalayan Dog Chew is a good idea. It consists of yak and cow milk, tastes like cheese, and is topped off with a bit of salt and lime. This is one treat Rover will have to work at because he’ll only manage to scrape off part of the treat at a time, but this will give him literally hours of pleasure.

7. Cat Toys

While cats may prove a little harder to distract than dogs during a coronavirus quarantine, capturing their attention shouldn’t prove too hard. Just take an old toy, a ball of foil or even a feather and tie onto a piece of string connected to a yardstick and you’ll have the perfect way for your cat to go fishing.

You can also use a laser pointer to entertain kitty. Your cat will love this and will spend hours leaping about trying to catch that elusive point of light.

8. Play Tug-of-War

Most dogs are thrilled at the prospect of a great game of tug-of-war. Depending on how big or how small your dog is, take an old hand towel, washcloth, or bath towel, and use it as a substitute for a braided rope toy.

9. Train Your Dog to Speak

Not only is this a fun trick to teach, but it can aid you in ending excessive barking. By teaching your dog to obey the words ‘speak’ and ‘quiet’, you’ll also be able to issue these commands when your put is barking way too much and it’s starting to get on your nerves. Your dog will learn that it’s okay to bark sometimes, but not constantly and you should be able to have him stop when you tell him to. Plus, it’s great fun to show people how clever your dog is because he can speak!

While nobody wants to be under quarantine, this can be an especially difficult time for pets who don’t understand what’s going on or appreciate the coronavirus threat. All they know is that they want to play and have some fun. Since you’ll likely be home as well, go ahead and throw yourself into spending some quality time with your dog or cat and have a good time while you’re at it.

And when you’re both feeling tired and ready to wind down after a long day, there’s nothing better than sharing a cuddle with your favorite pup or kitty. Animals like nothing more than getting a chance to be close with their owners, the most important people in their world. You can make the experience even better by giving your dog or cat a nice, slow massage to top off their day. They’ll love you all the more for spending time with them and for showing how much you love and care about them.



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