Clicker Training For Your Dog

Clicker Training For Your Dog

Clicker Training for your dog has become very popular these days.  I just hired a dog trainer here in Indian Trail.  I hired Indian Trail Dog Training.  Cheryl is the owner and she has been coming to my home to help me with my 9-month-old black labrador Jake.  I must say Jake is doing great with clicker training.  Cheryl is wonderful at helping me train him.

There are several ways that you can train your puppy or dog however clicker training has become very popular. Dogs just want to make their humans happy, and so they are more than ready to do what you say, as long as you can communicate with them about what you would like. There are many ways to train your dog, and using a clicker is just one of them. Clicker training is fast and easy, and many people prefer it.

Clicker TrainingClicker training is used in association with treats. Gradually, the treats are removed, and so the clicker is used alone. However, when you first begin to use the clicker, you need to be sure that you are doing everything that you can, including using treats, to make it work correctly.

First, you need to obtain a clicker. This can be done easily at a pet supply store because they are becoming more and more common when it comes to training your dog. The next thing that you should do is obtain some treats. Using small, low-calorie treats is a good idea because they won’t cause your dog to get fat. Also, you should be using a type of treats that is only used for training, so it is even more exciting for your dog.

Once you have everything that is necessary, start the training. Remember, you want to start with one command at a time, don’t overwhelm your dog with more than one command. A good one to start with might very well be set.

In order to train your dog, give him the command of sit. If he does it, click the clicker, hand him a treat, and say “good dog.” All three of those things should be done right away so that he associates it with the action that he has just done. If he doesn’t do it, repeat the command. This time, hold the treat above his nose so that he has to look up and almost back to see it. The natural thing for him to do would be to sit down. Repeat this until he does sit – if need be, you can press him gently into a sitting position. Once he has sat, click the clicker, say “good dog” and give him a treat.

You can repeat this several times until he has mastered the command. After that, you can move on to other things like stay, come, stand up, speak, or whatever you would like him to do. Each time, guide him through the motion that he has to do, and when he does it on his own; be sure to use the clicker, the treats, and the praise at the same time.

The reason why clicker training works for your dog is that it is a good sound that dogs like to hear. They’ll associate it with the things that they have done, and it will be useful for them. You can also then use it with the command, such as clicking it along with saying the command, to help them associate it all together.

Read this article that Cheryl from Indian Trail dog training wrote about WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE A DOG TRAINER

If you are in Union County NC and need a dog trainer I highly recommend Cheryl for all your dog training needs. Give her a call and tell her Maureen from Love and Kisses Pet Sitting sent you.  CLICK HERE TO REQUEST INFO FROM CHERYL

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