How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears Properly

How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears Properly

Dog’s ears need to be cleaned regularly for hygiene and health reasons. The process of cleaning is easy enough and can be  done at home with the right equipment. 

Dogs usually have long ear canals which are about five to ten centimeters. The canals have a sharp right angled bend which makes it easy for foreign

cleaning dogs ears

particles and dirt to get in but difficult to get out. 

When water gets into the ear, it may farther pull down the dirt and increase the risk of ear infection. Therefore, if your dog swims, it is important that the ear is cleaned every time the dog gets out of the water.


1. Cotton wool


3. Dog ear cleaner


Always ensure that you use a good quality ear cleaner for your dog

Avoid using Q-tips to poke the dog’s ear as this might push the debris further and even damage the ear drum

Avoid using shampoo, olive oil or vinegar in cleaning the dog’s ear

If the dogs ear is red, itchy or painful then seek advice of your veterinary doctor before starting the cleaning process

cleaning your dogs ears

Cleaning steps

1. Ensure that your dog is in a sitting position and show him the ear cleaner, this helps to prepare the dog for the cleaning process

2.Hold the flap of the ear gently in an upright position and fill the ear canal with the ear cleaner. Vertically direct the tube downwards.

3. Keep the fold of the ear intact and move your hand to the position where the dog’s ear and the head meet.

4. Mix the ear cleaner inside the ear canal by massaging the base of the ear for about twenty seconds. This should give a squelchy sound if it’s correctly done.

5. Stand back and let your dog shake the head vigorously. This happens naturally.

6. Use a cotton ball to wipe out the folds in the ear canal until it’s completely clean.

7. Give the dog some restful time and repeat the same procedure on the other ear.

Ear cleaning can sometimes be a messy affair and it is, therefore, important that you pick a spot that can be easily cleaned.

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