Should I Give a Pet for a Christmas Present?

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Should I Give a Pet for a Christmas Present?

Pets are truly man’s best friend but does that mean that they make good Christmas present? Unfortunately as tempting as the idea may be it usually isn’t a good idea to give a pet as a gift. Any animal, whether it be a dog, cat, or hamster, is a big responsibility. It needs to be fed, cleaned up after, taken to the vet, and played with every day for its entire lifespan.

Placing this burden on someone who may not be ready for it is likely to end badly for both the animal and the gift recipient. Animal shelters across the country take in large numbers of unwanted animals around the holidays because they were gifted to people who were unable or unwilling to provide lifelong care for them.

Even if you know the person you are buying an animal for is looking to welcome a new pet into their family it would be much better for that person to pick out their new pet themselves. Every animal has a different personality and it’s also important to note that temperament can vary greatly by breed. All dogs, for example, are not the same. You might end up choosing a pet whose needs do not match the lifestyle of the gift recipient.

If you were planning to buy a pet for someone this holiday season you still have options. One idea is to gift the person all the needed supplies for that animal. Put together a basket with food, toys, a collar, a leash, and other necessities. You could also give a gift card to your local pet store to allow the person to pick their new friend out themselves. You could even give a shelter animal a new life by taking your gift recipient to your local animal shelter and paying the adoption fees for a dog or cat of their choice.

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