Choosing A Professional Cat Sitter: Why and How

Cat Sitting

Choosing A Professional Cat Sitter: Why and How

Cat Sitting is a very important role in a pet sitter’s life.  We care for our client’s cats when they need to travel and we build a bond with their cats. Every cat is special and every owner wants their cats to feel safe and be pampered even when they are not around. Cats rely on you for their foods and treats. The basic needs of supply and playtime often make you feel uneasy to leave your cat alone.  Why not use a pet sitter instead?

Why you need a professional cat sitter 
Whether we realize it or not, cats do need our attention and care. Of course, it is your choice to hire a cat sitter you know like your friend or your relative, but what you need to ask yourself is, are they able to be there each day for at least 30 minutes or more to feed and play with your cat? Are they familiar with cat sitting, are they prepared if an emergency arises?
We all have very busy times in our life and we can’t always be there for our cat. This is why, getting a cat sitter that is well trained and professional, is the best way you can give your cat what he/she deserves. If your family or friends aren’t capable of handling the cat sitting visits, it is time to hire a professional.

How to choose the right cat sitter 

Cat care experience is necessary for any professional cat sitter. Thus, before choosing one, you should first ask for references; which service provides the safety at its best? Are they insured service?

Passionate people
A professional cat sitter is someone who is passionate about the job. Cat sitting also involves cleaning the litterbox, playing with your cat, feeding your cat, making sure they are happy and content, taking out trash, house sitting, and make sure that your cats are safe and happy. This may look like an easy job but it takes someone who loves what they’re doing to get the work done. Make sure that the cat sitter you choose has the traits to take care of your pets. 

Various services for pet sitting
Generally, a professional pet sitter would accept any type of pets from dogs to cats. There will come a day where you have to leave for a trip. It’s difficult to leave your cat in a stranger’s hands. But when you have to, you should choose the proper cat sitter to give you a peace of mind while you are away from home. 

A professional cat sitter will keep you posted as to how you cat is doing when you are away. They can text you or email you.  I know I would want to be kept informed on my pets well being when I travel and I am sure you would as well.

If you are in the Indian Trail or surrounding areas, Call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting for all your cat sitting needs.  We are the professionals and look forward to helping you with all your cat sitting needs.

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