KONG Naturals Catnip Spray for Cats



Kong Catnip spray

Kong Catnip spray I am thinking your cats will like it. From your Indian Trail Pet Sitter. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting http://www.loveandkissespetsitting.net

KONG Naturals Catnip Spray for Cats

I saw it at Petsmart and thought I would try it. Now I purchase it an Amazon cheaper HERE  Kong makes quality stuff, so I figured I would take a chance. It really is different than the plant-based type.  It is a different high potent variety of the plant. This statement comes from a pet sitter colleague of mine.  I thought to myself, I know many clients of Love and Kisses Pet Sitting here in Union County that would like to know about this product.  Kong products are fabulous so I just knew this was going to be a winner.

I have been using it for about 3 weeks. For the cats that respond to catnip and have seen for myself that they are loving it.  I left a bottle for one of my clients and she called me to say her lazy old cat is having a ball with his old toys that she sprayed the product on.  She could not get over the cat having so much fun!!  This is a statement from another pet sitting friend of mine.  She highly recommends it also.

They really love it!  Cats usually are afraid of the spray action especially cats who have been trained by their owner to be sprayed with a bottle when they are naughty.  So you can spray a toy or bed or a scratching post for the scared ones.  They will love it.  As for Catnip is hit or miss, but it sure is fun to see the reaction on their face when they smell it!  So this product can also be a hit or miss but from what I have seen, most of the kitties are loving it!!  This statement is from a kennel worker friend of mine.  The reviews are just wonderful on this product.

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Below are some of the reviews that I found online and I wanted to share them with you also.

We’ve tried a lot of different catnips over the years… but Kong Catnip Spray is the best – by far! We can take any toy, even one our cat no longer has (or even never had) an interest in … and give it ONE spray of Kong Catnip and WHAAM!! Suddenly, he’s playing with it like it’s the best toy in the world!! Tried it on a his scratching post… and for the next 20 minutes plus, he’s rolling, flipping, scratching, jumping off it… pretty funny to watch! Just a spray or two is all it takes… and it lasts for a while too! I always felt a little frustrated when I’d go a buy a toy only to have my cat take little to no interest in it. That’s all changed thanks to Kongs spray on catnip. Really glad we found this!!

Was an instant hit when I tried it on our three cats’ toys. Now, I spray it on their tower & toys in the mornings when I leave for work so they burn off some energy while I’m away. Another great Kong product!

I actually bought this after reading an article about catnip oil keeping mites and other buggies away from chickens (we have chickens). However, upon receiving it I sprayed a couple of kitty toys that our cats ignore and view with disdain. Immediately they came running (they smelled it from the another room) and now the previously ignored and rejected toys are the favorites in the house! Seriously!! They were rolling, licking, playing with these toys for quite some time (45 min?) and even now when they walk past they can’t help but go over and give the toys a bit of play.

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