Dogs In Heat What We Need To Know

Dogs In Heat What We Need To Know

Every four to six months, a dog goes into heat with some larger dogs going once. This is a very sensitive time for dogs, lasting for a minimum of 2 weeks or a maximum of 4 weeks. As a dog owner, there are certain facts you should know about dogs in heat? Female dogs...

Traveling on a Airplane With Your Pet?

Traveling on an Airplane With Your Pet? Are you going to be Traveling on an airplane with your pet and want to find out the sizes for carriers and information for traveling with your pet? Below is a list that just might help you. If you want to leave your cat or dog...

How to Care for Your New Kitten

How to Care for Your New Kitten You’ve brought your new kitten home, and she’s getting situated. Much of the fun of having a new pet kitten is watching her get acclimated to her new home. She’ll sniff around, jump up on things and get the lay of the...

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