Why You Must Have Pet Sitting Visit Everyday for Your Cat. NO Exceptions!!

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Why we must visit cats every day?


Today is the day to give shout outs to some of my pet sitters.  I wanted to share  with you another reason why Love and Kisses Pet Sitting does NOT offer every other day for cat sit visits.  Some of the clients who have cats will call to make their pet sitting appointment and ask me I will  give them every other day visits.  The answer to that is NO!!  We must visit the cat every day and there are so many reasons why.  Cats can be very mischievous and get themselves into some crazy situations.  I have written a blog about this before but I am sharing with you today a situation that occurred about 2 weeks ago.  Thanks to our pet sitter Michelle who was there to save the day.

Michelle had arrived to the clients home in the morning as we normally visits our cat clients in the morning.  When Michelle arrived she cleaned the cats litter boxes and filled up the cats food bowls and gave fresh water.  This home has 3 cats and when go to visit we always make sure to see each cat and make sure that they are doing well.  Michelle called out to the cats and what she found was quite scary.  One of the cats had gotten into playing with a plastic bag and had somehow gotten the handle of the bag stuck around her body.  She had to cut the bag off the cats body and called the owner to let the owner know what had happened.  The client told Michelle that that one cat always get herself into compromising positions….  Thank God we had been there as who know what could have happened to the the poor little kitty.  Michelle did a great job of making sure all kitties were doing well as she always take such great care of all our clients pets.

With that said, that is only one of the many reasons we MUST visit cats EVERY day.  They can get themselves into some strange situations.

If you need our pet sitting services for your cat or your dog, call us and we can help you with your pet sitting/dog walking needs. 704-763-9857



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