Cats Need Daily Pet Sitting Service Also

Cat Sitter
Cats Need Daily Pet Sitting Service Also
Cats are highly independent, and they also need daily care and attention when you are on an extended trip. Reliable cat sitters know that they need to check on the health and well being of the cat once a day, or they may find the cat sick, gone, or unresponsive. How do you tell the owner that you lost or made their cat sick?
Tips for Cat Sitting
Anything can happen when a pet is left alone. Cats can get caught in a lamp or venetian blind cords. Cats are prone to get into mischief when left alone. If you are asked to visit a cat on a daily basis, sign a contract that states what you are willing to do. Anything can happen when a cat is left home alone; from lethal ailments to potential home damages. Not checking on a cat once a day, can have drastic consequences like illnesses or breakage. Don’t just peek around the corner to check on a cat, but use these tips to make your sitting experience good for you and your charge.
1.         Feeding, watering, and litter box cleaning are important, but cats are naturally active and need playtime. Physical and mental stimulation come with playtime. Adjust the level of play to the cat’s physical ability, age and health. Do avoid rough play as not all cats like that. Get the clients’ approval for any toys you use during playtime.
2.         Grooming is equally important for cats as it is for dogs. Regular grooming help cats stay looking and feeling good. Grooming also helps get your cat feel comfortable. Grooming, conditions a cat’s skin. It prevents mats and controls hairballs. It is a great bonding time for you and your cat clients. You might want to “brush” up on tooth cleaning as well as keeping your client’s cat’s eyes and ears clean. Do get permission from the owner, however to take on these extra duties. Litter box cleaning is very important. A clean litter box equals a happy cat. Clean their box, keep litter swept up from around the box. 
3.         Cat sitting can be highly relaxing. Cat sitting offers a nice break from dog walks. Pet sitters agree that if you take care of a finicky or shy cat and it warms up to you; you are a great sitter. Some cats may take a day or two to warm up to you, however, the reward is well worth it.  Cats are a treasure and love to be loved as much as dogs do.
Having your cat taken care of in the comfort of their own home will give you a peace of mind that your cat is being taken care of by a professional and in familiar surroundings. Cats are creatures of habit and taking them out of their normal routines can cause an angry and fidgety cat. Leaving a cat home alone is not good; you might just find when you come home and pick up your cat, they are not the fun-loving feline you left.
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