Cat Sitter in Indian Trail NC/ Does Your Cat Need A Pet Sitter?

Does Your Cat Need a Pet Setter?


Does your Cat need a Pet Sitter?  I must say that most of my clients are dogs, however, I do have many cats to care for too.  I get calls from cat owners asking me to come and pet sit, but they only want a visit every other day.  Well, that is all fine dandy however, I always suggest that we visit the cat once a day.  Cats are very social pets and they should get a visit a least once a day.  I read a story online that a pet sitter explains cats can get into some trouble by being a bit to curious and get into things.  One example is, a cat can get into plastic bags that are left around. Cats like to play with plastic bags and that is a NO NO!!!  Cats can get on top of cabinets and into cabinets and find things that they really should not be getting into. A client that hired us told me a story that they came home from a weekend away to find their cat sitting on the kitchen table with puncture in her neck from playing or getting into something.  The cat had been home alone for the weekend. This could have been a very bad situation however, the cats had to go to the Vet and get a few stiches.  It could have been a lot worse.  Who knows what cats can get themselves into.

I had a client that had 4 cats.  I went and met with her before their vacation to go over the paperwork and meet the cats.  All went well.  The morning came for me to go care for the cats and I could only find 3 of the them.  I looked all over.  I finally opened the door to the laundry room BINGO, there was the cats LOCKED INTO THE LAUNDRY ROOM.  The owner had closed the door and left for vacation.  Now, If I had not told her to do the everyday visits this poor little kitty would have been locked in there for 2 days.  NOT GOOD.

Also, as far as feeding goes, some clients think they can just leave food out for the cat to fend for themselves.  While some cats can do this, I had one that lived with a dog and the owner did not even know this but the dog was also eating the cats food.  As I feed them both, I saw that the dog went over (thinking I was not watching) and ate the cats food.  I then took the dog outside and let the cat eat her food by herself.  She was very thankful and seemed to eat it all.  I told this to the owner and she said “oh , I never knew my dog was eating the cats food”

With this said, I think cats do NEED at least 1 daily visit.



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