Cat Hairball Prevention, Causes, and Cures

Cat Hairball Prevention, Causes, and Cures

If you have the cat that sheds its hair a lot or has long hair, then you probably know about hairballs. Hairballs are usually vomited up hair and stomach matter and often, do not cause other problems. If your cat is coughing up these hairballs more than 2 or 3 times a week, then you might want to look into remedies to stop this issue. Hairballs are not usually life-threatening to cats and are a typical reaction when too much hair is accumulated in the stomach.
If your cat regularly vomits up hairballs, you will want to take actions.

HairballEverybody has seen it, and everybody searches for the best cat hairball prevention. To get to the best hairball prevention, you need to know a little about the causes. Once you know why your cat gets those hairballs, you can help your cat get rid of them once and for all or at least slow them down.

Hairball Causes.
We all know that cats love to groom. When they the rough exterior of tongue tugs on the fur dislodging loose hair. This fur is digested. In ideal situations, the cat evacuates the digested hair in the litter box quickly before anything else happens.

In some cases, the fur becomes lodged in the digestive tract. It then attracts more hair and becomes a hairball. When this happens, the cat vomits up the hairball in the well-known manner we are accustom. In severe cases, health problems occur.

Hairball Health Problems.
Most people do not think of hairballs as a health issue, but it very well can become one fast. Cat owners are familiar with the hacking sound a cat makes when they expel a hairball. However, if a cat cannot expel the hairball, it can turn into a serious health problem.

The hairball can prevent the cat from eating properly affecting its regular activity and intake of nutrition. Cats may become lethargic and may stop eating altogether. If the hairball gets too big in size, it could block the digestive tract entirely. If your cat stops eating, you will have to take your cat to the vet.

Very large hairballs require surgery. Surgery is more than expensive. It is dangerous for your cat and scary for you. If you do nothing, it could be


fatal for your cat.

Hairball Cures.
Cats eat grass to make themselves vomit. Therefore, if you think your cat has a hairball, you might want to find some grass you know does not have any pesticides on it. Some people grow their grass for this very purpose. A kitty garden is also a good idea since it both provides pesticide-free grass and keeps the cats from nibbling on your houseplants.

Cat Hairball Prevention.
Brushing once cat on a daily basis is the best prevention around. Nothing beats a good brushing as everything else only aids the cat in passing the hairball. Brushing kids the cat of the hair. Shorthaired cats need a rubber comb brush to create static cling. Longhaired cats need a wide tooth comb to help prevent tangles.

Hairball  shampoo works well in ridding you cat of loose hair. Some even act as a double prevention in that it will also coat the hair in a product that aids in digestion. This way when the cat does groom it will be easier to pass.

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