Caring For Your Dog After Tooth Extraction

Dogs can develop several problems that could lead to tooth extraction. Having your dog’s tooth pulled is usually the last resource that is used when a dog presents a problem in its oral cavity, veterinarians prefer to use other methods that don’t require the dog to go to surgery before if any of those methods work, then tooth extraction is needed. Once the tooth is pulled is performed, it is necessary to take care of your dog after the procedure.

Do dogs need medication?

Yes. Dogs that just had a tooth extraction done may have been provided with an anti-inflammatory injection by the veterinarian to avoid the pain. The doctor can additionally provide more medication for aftercare at home. You should strictly follow the doctor’s instructions when administering the medication, if you experience any complication then you should call the doctor for advice.

How long does it take for a dog to recover?

Normally, a dog would take between 24 to 48 hours to fully recover. For a speedy recovery your dog should rest properly. For this, provide your dog a quiet and comfortable place to rest, the dog might be still experiencing the effect of the anesthesia, so once your dog gets home it will most likely go directly to bed. Make sure it can sleep in a peaceful place.

What to feed dogs after tooth extraction?

Since your dog went through dental surgery, it is extremely important to feed your pet with the right food. Essentially, do not feed your dog with dry food, or bones as it could affect the sutures. Only feed him with soft food like meat, and provide water. You should feed your dog like this for about 12 days until it’s safe to change the diet.

Can dogs feel pain after tooth extraction?

Yes, they can. After tooth extraction, dogs can feel pain for about 4 to 5 days after the procedure. For that, the vet will give you the medication and instructions for your dog to not feel pain. If the pain persists you should immediately contact the doctor.

What can I expect after my dog had a tooth extraction?

Fundamentally, after a tooth extraction dogs can present swelling, a little bit of blood, and, of course, pain. However, if your pet experiences extreme pain, difficulty when breathing, extreme swelling, or a lot of blood, then you should immediately call the vet.

Do dogs feel better after tooth extraction?

After your dog had a rotten tooth extracted or an infection cured, yes your dog will feel a lot better, once the pain goes away your pet will be back to normal.

Tooth extractions are normal procedures performed on dogs, they can experience rotten teeth or gum infections that can only be cured after tooth extraction. As it is a surgical procedure, you will have to give your pet good aftercare for a fast recovery, the steps you need to follow are very easy, plus your dog will be fine after the first 24 hours. You just need to make sure your pet doesn’t accidentally hurt itself.



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