How to Care for Your New Kitten

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How to Care for Your New Kitten

You’ve brought your new kitten home, and she’s getting situated. Much of the fun of having a new pet kitten is watching her get acclimated to her new home. She’ll sniff around, jump up on things and get the lay of the land.

But you might be asking yourself, what do you need to do to care for your new kitten?

Give Your New Kitten a Place of Their Own to Sleep

Cats tend to choose one or a few places to sleep. Soon the family will agree that the place they sleep is “their spot.” You can pick this spot with a little work. Find a warm area in the house and place some bedding there. Put your kitten’s food and water dish near that spot. Set her down in that place from time to time. She’ll then likely choose that spot for sleeping.

Potty Training a New Kitten is Not Difficult

Potty training with kittens is much simpler than with dogs. If there is a litter box full of kitty litter, she’ll choose to go there on her own. But to help her find it just pick her up and plop her down in the litter box in the first hour of her arrival. She’ll sniff around and use it when she needs to.

Outside/Inside or Only an Inside Cat?

You have the choice to either let your kitten go outdoors whenever she wants to or to make her an inside cat and never let her go out. Allowing your cat to go outside incurs risks:

  • She is more likely to get fleas.
  • She could get into scuffles with local cats and other animals.
  • She is in danger of being hit by a car.
  • She may bring dead birds and mice to your doorstep.
  • She is more likely to catch diseases.

Choose a Good Local Veterinarian

Cats need doctors too and making sure that you’re ready for any medical emergencies for your kitten is wise. Research who is available nearby and bring your kitten in for her first visit to assess the vet. Find out if she needs any shots or when she can be spayed. Having this initial visit will prepare you for any emergencies. And, you’ll have a vet when you need one.

Neutering or Spaying is Essential

If you don’t want a litter of kittens running around the house, spaying a female cat is essential. If you have a male kitten, neutering them is a good idea. They’ll be more docile, and you won’t run the risk of being responsible for kittens in the neighborhood. There are a lot more cats in the world than owners. Taking this step is an effective way to help with this problem.

Having a kitten for a pet is great fun for both adults and kids. If you follow these guidelines, you can enjoy your time with your new kitten. And you’ll be comfortable in the knowledge that she is well loved.

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