How to Care for a New Bunny

How to Care for a New Bunny

Did you just get a new bunny and want to learn how to care for a new bunny?  You came to the right place. A new bunny needs time to adjust to a new environment. Rabbits are wary and easily get stressed if conditions are harsh and threatening. To help your bunny to quickly settle down, you need to provide it with as much comfort and safety as possible. You need to make it learn to trust you. Only then will it fit the new home. You will also need to ensure its health is taken care of. These are five things to do to make this happen.

1. Provide proper housing
Rabbits need hutches. The hatches should have spaces enough to allow your pet to exercise. Look for a hutch that is lightweight so you can easily move it around. Line the hutch with about 4 inches of bedding to cushion your bunny and act as a source of warmth. Straw is the best material for this. Or you can use hay or wood chips. Your hutch should have a litter tray, and you will have to train your pet to use it. Bed Bath and Beyond has some cute outdoor bunny houses click here to view them

2. Socialize with the bunny
Strike friendship with your new pet by spending time with it. Stroke the bunny gently to make if feel safe and relaxed when around you. Try picking it and placing it on your lap; that’s if it allows you to ( some bunnies will run away). Never force if it refuses.
However, wait for at least 24 hours to pass since bringing it home before you start touching it. Allow it some solitude till it gets comfortable to have strangers around.

3. Know what to and what not to feed your bunny
Rabbits feed on plant matter. Fresh hay is the best. There are also commercial pellets and other food types available in pet stores. Avoid overfeeding your bunny as this can cause digestive problems. If a problem is noticed, give lots of water and hay only, till it goes away.
Always have clean water available for the rabbit. You can add the apple cider vinegar. It helps to boost its immune system and also helps maintain a healthy digestive system.

4. Take care of the bunny’s health
You can do this by ensuring the following:
Regularly changing the bedding: Left for too long, it becomes smelly and also harbors harmful microorganisms and fungi.
By vaccinating the rabbit: If it hadn’t been vaccinated by the previous owner against myxomatosis and hemorrhagic diarrhea, ensure you do it immediately, as the two diseases can be fatal to your pet. There’s also a parasite, Encephalitozoon Cuniculi, that needs a drug called fenbendazole to keep away. Talk to a vet for advice. has some great bunny toys.  Click HERE for their bunny toy website

5. Provide your bunny with toys.
Rabbits are playful and will gnaw at anything in sight. The reason for their chewing things is because it naturally keeps a check on their ever-growing teeth. Chewing wears away the teeth. You can improvise toys, or you can buy them in pet stores. They are great for keeping your pet busy and providing safe objects to chew.

Caring for your new bunny shouldn’t be hard work. In fact, it wouldn’t take much of your time, and you will have a healthy pet that likes its new home, perhaps better than the previous one.

Using a Rabbit Cage is a good option for the new Bunny Owner


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