Can You Help? Pet Food Drive Humane Society of Union County NC Sponsored by Love and Kisses Pet Sitting


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Pet Food Drive Humane Society of Union County NC

I have a very good friend of mine (Sylvia) who worked at the Monroe Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic in Monroe NC.  She has told me that there are may pet owner in Union county that are struggling to feed their pets. They may just be going through some tough times.  They go to the Clinic and ask for pet food so their pets can eat.  They have no other alternative and no place to go to get food.

When Sylvia told me this it broke my heart and being the person that I am (BIG ANIMAL LOVER) I thought “What can I do to help?’  I knew I could not afford to feed all the pets in Union County, but I could help and try to make a difference.  So, I decided to start a pet food drive for the Humane Society Of Union County NC.  The first run I did I filled up the back of my SUV and delivered what I had to them. Thank you to all that donated for that drive I really thought it was a huge success.   However, when I got to the clinic and Sylvia told me they have a truck outside that holds all the donated food that they get, I was very saddened  when they opened the storage truck, I actually went from feeling so happy to feeling so very sad.  The reason is because the truck was EMPTY.

If  we can all pitch in and donate ONE bag of food for either a cat or dog or both if you want.  We can help so many pets in need.  This is for stray pets, foster pets, pets that have owners that are in a bind right now and just want some help to feed their pet.  This leads me to ask you all “Can you spare a bag of pet food?”  Please.  I want to help and I know you do too.  Together we can do this.

If you are wanting to help, let me know.  Call me, email me, text me, just let me know and I can arrange to come and pick it up and deliver it to the clinic for you  You can also drop it off at the Monroe Low-Cost Spay Neuter Clinic.  Below is their address.

4015 Waxhaw Highway, Monroe NC  28112 (704) 292-7729 Their hours are Tue-Fri 7am-5pm

The Humane Society of North Carolina is also the ones that inspired me to do this.  They save so many animals everyday and I want to help them too.  So please help me help them.

The Humane Society Of Union County is also taking donations however you may send them a monetary donation if you go to their website there is a link there for PayPal.



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