Can My Dog Get Sunburn-all you need to know about dog sunburns

Can My Dog Get Sunburn-all you need to know about dog sunburns


Can my dog get sunburn? This is a question that many people tend to ask due to the care they have for their dogs. The honest answer is YES dogs can get sunburns just like humans do.So next time you’re planning to that beach trip or the outside barbecue make a point of ensuring your pet is protected from the harsh UV rays. The rays can also cause cancer in dogs and hence should be considered as a serious threat to your dog.

The good news is that there are some things you can do to ensure that your pet is safe. Here below are some things you should know and adopt;

1. Know the types of breeds that easily get sunburned.

Some pooches have a natural protection mechanism while others are more susceptible to sunburn. For example, white dogs usually have a fair amount of skin beneath the fur. They, just like the blond humans have a high risk of getting the sunburns. Additionally, pooches with thin hair and hairless breeds like the Xoloitzcuintli and the Chinese Crested are at the risk of getting sunburned and having cancer.

All canines, however, regardless of the fur they have or thickness of their coats are susceptible to sunburn; this is because you find that dogs have vulnerable spots with less covering or no covering at all. You find that the belly is mostly covered in blonde hair making this area a target, the nose can also become a target when it gets dried and backed, and even the ears have a delicate skin making it a potential threat when exposed to the sun.

2. Find some shade

Naturally one of the easy ways to keep your favorite animal safe during summer is through providing shelter. Most pet parents usually shave their pet during summer with an intention to keep it cool; however, this is not advisable since its leads to the exposure of the “virgin” skin of the dog being exposed.

But when you provide shade, example by bringing along a big umbrella at the beach, a roof for your backyard patio, a roof for your backyard patio, or a sunblock top for an outdoor kennel, you reduce the risks that your pets face is under the sun. Instinctively dogs will always seek shade and shelter from the sun when it becomes too harsh for it to bear.

3. Block the rays

How does one sunblock a dog? There are several ways that can be used to achieve of these ways is applying protectors like Epi-pet sun protector. This is actually the one product that has been approved by the FDA, but it is not an all-natural ointment. A homemade mixture of the right oils and natural ingredients can also do the trick. Regardless of the product you use, easily make sure you apply it on the ears, belly, nose and groin areas. Additionally, hold your pet still for a long time to ensure that the sunscreen properly soaked in.

The second method is by use of the sun hat that ensures the nose and ears are well covered. You can also add a stylish swatch of fabric that covers its belly to act as a blocker of the harsh rays. It works well also

4. be attentive to notice the signs of sunburns

Just like humans when they get too much sun, dogs also get red skin that is tender when touched. The more exposed areas like the nose and ears show exposure quickly unlike the fur-covered areas. Hence as a pet owner, you should look for cracked and dried skin, and also the curling’s at the edge of the pooch’s ears.

Other signs might include the constant scratching of its tender areas which are then accompanied by a whimper, and the dog might shrink away when you attempt to pet it. There can be fever if the sunburn is very severe and in this case, you can seek professional pet care services

Finally, if you have ever been sunburned and you are a pet owner you can also apply the same first aid procedure to your oatmeal bath, with the use of the lukewarm water and the oats ground into powder, soothes the dry and sunburned skin. Application of Aloe Vera in its bath can aid in its pain relief. Additionally, the use of neem oil during the bathing of the pet can help in its healing from the burn. Coconut oil also helps in the replacing lost in the skin hence ensuring its rejuvenation. Now you can have fun with your pet knowing it’s well protected from the sun rays.

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