Brushing Your Cat’s Hair: 6 Benefits

Brushing Your Cat's Hair: 6 Benefits

Brushing Your Cat’s Hair: 6 Benefits 

Cats are amongst the most popular household pets. Cats are cute, cuddly and graceful. A well-known fact is that cats are meticulous and fastidious groomers. As they grow older, however, they go slow on this task. As much as cats love to groom, they need a little help, especially with the brushing of the hair. Cleanliness is not the only reason you should brush your cat’s hair, the benefits that come with this exercise are many. 

Below are six benefits for brushing your cat’s hair.


We all need clean pets that are free from diseases. One way to do this is maintain their cleanliness. Brushing your cat’s hair will remove dirt, dead hair and grease from the coat. 

Stimulates blood circulation

Brushing your cat’s hair removes the flakes beneath the coat which promote blood flow that helps improve the overall condition of the skin.

Helps keep your house clear

Cats shed quite often and what happens if you don’t brush their hair is that they leave the fur on your furniture. Just a little brushing will remove the excess hair and save you and your family the sneezing caused by cats fur.

Spreads the cat’s natural oils over the skin

The natural oils help the skin stay free from irritation. While brushing your cat’s hair, the gentle strokes spread the oil giving the cat that shiny, healthy look.

No more hairballs

If you neglect brushing your cat’s hair, it tangles and forms balls. In an attempt to maintain the grooming, the cat will pull the balls off which will end up irritating the skin and worse still, the cat may swallow the balls. If you notice your cats is vomiting balls or expelling them in her feces, it’s time to take that brush and save your cat the trouble.

Soothes the cat

If done right, it relaxes the cat, and that again helps improve the overall health.Start off with soothing the cat and once you notice she’s relaxed get ready with your brush. To remove the dead hair and flakes, brush against the hair growth; your cat might find this a little irritating but just be gentle.

Once you’re sure the hair is tangle free, no dead skin and no trace of excess hair, brush towards the hair growth; your cat will love this.

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