Please Bring Your Cat and Dogs Inside Tonight In This Cold Weather or They Will Freeze !!!!!

bring your pets indoors in cold weather

Tonight is going to be one of the coldest nights in the Carolina’s in a very, very long time.  I am begging all of you who can read this to make sure your pets are brought in out the the elements.  I have been posting on my Facebook page all day asking people to bring their pets indoors. Cats and dogs are going to FREEZE if they are left out.  I am hoping that I have reached many and have made a difference to some pets lives.

If you can not bring them into your house, then bring them into your garage.  If you can not do that, then you need to make sure they have a warm covered, above the ground, out of the wind area to cozy up in.  Put lots of blankets in to keep them warm.. They will lots of food to bulk them up and the food helps them stay warm also. It truly breaks my heart to think of all the animals that will be left outside.  Please, Please bring them indoors.

-Never leave puppies, smaller dogs, older dogs or cats outdoors when the temperature falls below 40 degrees.

-If your dog or cat stays outside much of the time in the winter, be certain that they have a proper shelter raised several inches off the ground with a flap over the entry. Keep a fresh blanket, cedar shavings or straw to keep the pet warm. The shelter should be large enough that your pet can sit and stand, but small enough so the pet’s body heat will be retained in the house.

-Use a plastic water bowl to ensure your pet’s tongue does not get stuck to cold metal, and change the water often to keep it from freezing.

-Be sure to keep older or arthritic pets inside. Escort older dogs outside for toileting and use a leash if the yard has ice or snow. Older dogs can easily fall and seriously injure themselves.

-Be alert for signs of frostbite and injury. Dogs’ ears, paws and tails are especially susceptible, and if you suspect frostbite, contact your veterinarian. If your dog plays on ice or hard, frozen dirt, check his paws for cuts and always wipe his feet after a walk in the snow to remove ice pellets and salt deposits.

I am thinking of all the outside dogs I see every day that live in fenced in areas out doors.  It makes me so sad to think that people can really leave them out to freeze. I had a friend call me today knowing how upset I am about this whole thing and she told me that her brother lives up in the mountains and the police are going around and telling people that they  MUST bring their dogs inside tonight.  I think that is wonderful and they should do that all over the Carolina’s.  I would even volunteer to help go around and  ask (tell) people to bring their pets indoors.

Well, I have shared with you my feeling on this subject and I can not do anything more.  I will just prey tonight that no dogs or cats freeze tonight. God Bless the one’s left out tonight.



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