Brilliant Products & Methods to Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety


Dogs can feel anxious about a lot of things. New smells and texture, a new type of food, or the fact that their beloved owners leave the house without them every day can put them in a state of anxiety. 


In most cases, these are passing episodes that immediately dissipate the moment the dog gets used to the new environment or learns your schedule (they know you’ll be back whenever you leave). However, there are also situations when your furry friend can’t go over his/her fears alone (similar to how humans need help from a specialist to calm down their anxiety). In this case, it’s important to take them to a veterinarian and discuss the treatment options. 


If anxiety remains unaddressed, it will manifest through all sorts of odd and destructive behaviors. Moreover, the accumulated stress will take a toll on Pluto’s health and wellbeing. So, if your pooch starts showing signs of anxiety, here are a few products that can help them calm down and release stress.

CBD Products

The market of CBD products for pets is growing rapidly and most owners are extremely satisfied with the results. CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound that can help humans and animals relax and calm down. It’s also extremely useful in pain-relieving and anxiety treatments, and it doesn’t have any long-lasting side effects. 


You can find these products as treats, capsules, or oils, but the CBD dog treats are the most enjoyable for our furry companions. 


Physical exercise is beneficial for both dogs and humans, and it can promote bonding since it’s something only the two of you do every day. Schedule exercise time right before anxiety-inducing moments (like leaving the home for work or having guests over). This way, Pluto will get tired from all the fun and physical contact he’s had with you and he won’t pay that much attention to what’s happening around him for the following hours. 

Music & Massage

Just think about how relaxed you get after a day at the spa – the massage, the special treatment, and the music combine to create a stress-relieving atmosphere that melts away all your worries. 


The same is real for your dog. Anxiety causes muscles to contract and stiffen, which is why a massage will help them feel better. Additionally, you can improve the atmosphere with the music your dog likes (which can also serve as a noise barrier).


A quick tip: Research has shown dogs like classical music in general, and harp music in special. 

Calming Coats

These are coats designed to make your dog feel safe by applying mild constant pressure on their torso (like someone is giving them a warm hug). This type of coat is recommended for any dog breed and can help them cope better with separation, noises, and even stranger anxiety. Not to mention, they’ll look incredibly cool in their new coat!

Comfy Beds & Toys

Dogs need a space of their own in the house, where they feel safe and keep the toys and items they like. If your dog scares easily, make sure their space is away from the main traveling paths in the house, so they won’t be disturbed when friends come over. 


Additionally, to alleviate their worries and make them feel comfortable and safe, get them a bed that fits their size and cradles their bones (sleeping on the floor or on a harsh surface may lead to arthritis in old age). And, don’t allow any of your other pets (keep an eye out for the cat!) to intrude in this space.

Lastly, it helps to teach your dog a few basic training commands. This way, they will be more obedient and it will be easier to protect them from wandering into crowds or running away after a ball.



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