Books Dog Lovers Won’t Be Able to Put Down

Everyone who is reading this probably has a dog to care for, or they are thinking of getting a new pet. There are plenty of dog books out there, but I think you’re looking for the best dog books.  That is books that will help you learn to be a great dog parent, or that will reinforce your profound love for dogs.


Like most dog owners, you want to do things right and be the best dog parent you can.  But, dog care and training don’t always have to be textbook dry.  Sometimes the best resources are anecdotal or even humorous.  For that reason, I’ve listed an awesome mix of dog book choices for you.  Some are about dog training, some are about dog parenting, and some are just plain funny―but all are good reads for everyone who loves dogs.


So, here is my current list of Books Dog Lovers Won’t Be Able to Put Down.  Enjoy and happy dog parenting!


  1. The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs―Authored by noted dog photographer, Elias Weiss Friedman, this bestseller delivers pictures and content that every dog owner will enjoy and benefit from.
  2. Life Lessons from the Dog: 101 Tales of Family, Friendship & Fun―From the noted author of the many insightful Chicken Soup books, Amy Newmark, this book will guide you through the many life lessons we are all given by our faithful dogs.
  3. The Dog Really Did That?―This Chicken Soup’s book will have you laughing and crying as it winds through 101 true stories of rescue dogs and their loving devotion to their adoptive families.


  1. The Dharma of Dogs―An amazing collection of the goodness, spirituality, and wisdom that we, as dog parents, can learn from our canine companions.  This book turns the table in a most remarkable way―the owner becomes the student and the dog becomes the teacher.
  2. Fur & Grrr: The Funniest Things People Have Said About DOGS―A great collection of dog humor from some of America’s funniest comedians.  This is funny stuff every dog lover will love.
  3. Life Lessons from a Rescue Dog―Funny stuff all about fleas, dog hair, smelly things, and a lot more cleverly entwined with biblical life lessons we can all benefit from.


  1. Dog Training Breeds For Beginners―Dog shelters are overflowing with dogs that outgrew the expectations and abilities of would-be owners.  This newly released book was written to help people avoid the tragedy of getting the wrong breed of dog.  A great resource for the practical thinking person who wants the right dog breed.


  1. The Dog Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide―This book has been around a while and continues to be an excellent ‘textbook’ resource on all things dog.  As the title implies, this guide covers everything from ‘A to Z’ about dogs, but it’s in easy-to-read terms rather than a lot of medical jargon.


  1. Unconditional: Older Dogs, Deeper Love―Professionally written and photographed in a way that only the National Geographic can do, this book celebrates the bonds between dog-loving humans and their senior dogs.  You’ll cherish this book if you’ve ever experienced the love and faithful compassion of a senior dog.


  1. Mark Twain for Dog Lovers―Written by noted Twain expert, R. Kent Rasmussen, this book contains dog stories penned by the great humorist himself.  It’s all about his family dogs and dogs he encountered on his many travels.  These tales will strike a familiar chord with every dog parent, and every reader will be laughing or crying along with Mark Twain.


  1. Devoted―Another great National Geographic book.  This one is all about the devotion of rescue dogs and their amazing skills.  This is a “must-read” for every rescue dog parent and trainer.  This book will both inspire and fascinate you to be the best friend, companion, and parent to your rescue dog.


  1. Really Important Stuff My Dog Has Taught Me―Written by Cynthia L. Copeland, with a lifelong love and compassion for dogs, this book will inspire all dog parents to be the best they can.  This book is all about the right stuff needed to be a good dog parent and the positives that all dogs love.


So there you have it―my list of books that every dog parent should read.  These books will profoundly affect you in positive ways to be a great dog parent.  From selecting the most appropriate dog for your own situation to training and care resources to just plain funny tales―there are great reads for every dog lover here.  From all of us at Love and Kisses Pet Sitting to all of you awesome dog parents―enjoy and happy pet parenting!



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