Did You Book Your Pet Sitter For The Holiday’s Yet?


Book Your Pet Sitter

Do you need a pet sitter for the Thanksgiving or Christmas Holidays?  If you answered yes, then you need to make your call and book them as soon as possible.  Pet sitters are going to be booked up and you may be left out.  As a pet sitter in Indian Trail NC, I try to advise my clients to book their pet sitting appointment  as soon as they know their dates.  Some clients do and some don’t.

Every year I always get the last minute clients calling the day before to book their pet sitter (YES, the day before) and I have always fit them in. Snuggles and me This year however, there will be no room to add visits the day before or even that week.  All my sitters will have their schedules and will know exactly where they need to be to plan their day accordingly.  That is one of the reasons I am writing this blog in hopes that people will understand and to remind them to make the call.

As they years have passed Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has always tried to fit in all our clients visits even the last minute one.  I do understand that peoples plans do change and I want to be able to accommodate everyone but we have grown so big in the last year that all future holiday’s will require bookings in advance.  With all that said, “Have you booked your pet sitter for the holiday?”

I am sure the kennels will all be booked up as well.  I was speaking with a friend of mine in NY that runs a Kennel and she told me that she books up for the Holiday’s moths in advance and her clients know that.  They call her in the summer to schedule their reservations for the winter holiday’s.  Thanksgiving and Christmas pet care months are always busy and this year they will break records.  So, again make the call and book your sitter.




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