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Bird Pet Sitting is one of the many services Love and Kisses Pet Sitting offers.  I know I talk a lot about pet sitting for dogs and cats and other domestic pets however I have not talked much about all the birds we pet sit for.  We have cared for parrots, macaws, love birds, finch  and that is to name a few.  I have a fellow pet sitter friend that has 3 birds and a bunny and she always calls on Love and Kisses Pet Sitting to care for her birds.  I also have a client that has waterfowl and go to his home and care for this gang also.  We love to have a diverse type of pets to care for.

Birds are a beautiful pet to have and when we come to care for your bird, the service includes vacuuming up the seeds (because we know how messy they can be) talking to your bird and making sure they have fresh water and food and clean bowls at every visit.  We will also text you pictures and let you know how your fine feathered friend is doing.

Having a professional pet sitter come to care for your bird in your home is a great alternative to having to move your bird to another place.  This keeps them in their own environment.  That alone equals less stress on your bird.



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