Best Dog Walkers in Charlotte We Won Again

Best Dog Walkers

Best Dog Walkers in Charlotte We Won Again!

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting has been notified that we are the winners of the “Best Dog Walker in Charlotte”  again.  We are so proud to be able to announce this.  This award means so much to not only me but to my AMAZING PET SITTERS that work for me.  Without them, this could not have happened. After all, we are all a team.  Thank you to all of them for always doing such a wonderful job in taking such great care of all our wonderful client’s pets and homes.

Thank you to all our amazing clients for allowing us into your homes to care for your pets when your work long hours or traveling.  We are very honored that you choose us to do the job of taking care of your pets.  We all love each and every one of them.  We look forward to having an ongoing relationship with you and your pets for a long time as we will always be here for you!

I have to say that being a dog walker or pet sitter sounds like we just get to cuddle dogs all day.  It can sometimes be very changeling and also rewarding. I could sit and tell you many stories. We all have such a love for the pets we care for so it makes our jobs a lot easier.  There are times when we meet a new shy dog and they want nothing to do us. Until they get to us and let me tell you, dogs know good people!!  They can sniff them out miles away. They know that once we take the time to let them get to know us, it is pure love going forward.

My dog walkers and pet sitters all work long hours, weekends and even holidays. However, there is no greater feeling than walking into clients home and getting a greeting from a pet who is so happy to see us. I have been told from just about all my pet sitters that ‘This is the BEST JOB EVER”

If you are in need of a dog walker, give Love and Kisses Pet Sitting a call and let us get to know you and your pets and give us the opportunity to help you with all your dog walking and pet sitting needs.

Pets are so special, and every single one I encounter makes all us at Love and Kisses Pet Sitting smile.

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