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There’s a lot of online information about all the different cat litter products available. Most of it is useful and gives cat parents an honest appraisal of each product’s pros and cons. Some of it not so much―so when you are making your decision it’s always a good idea to read the reviews and see what you think will work best for your cat and for your home.

That said, we have researched various litter brands and have compiled the following list of, what we believe, to be 5 of the best cat litter products available. Please read on to learn more, then decide which litter product is purr-fect for you and your kitty.

Many competing cat litter brands have come on the market since the advent of the first clay-based cat litter back in 1947. While clay-based (bentonite) litter remains popular, it has come under scrutiny lately for not being earth-friendly or sustainable. This is mainly because of bentonite pit mining practices. So, our current list includes a couple of alternative brands along with the traditional clay-based litter.

Best Cat Litter Products

1. Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Platinum―The cat owners who have bought and used this clumping, no dust, odor control litter from Arm & Hammer overwhelmingly agree that it meets or surpasses the company’s claims. This litter guarantees to clump and seal your cat’s waste, and to destroy urine and feces odors.

Litter Pros

● Lightly but pleasantly non-allergenic scented
● Hypoallergenic formula for cats and cat owners
● Baking soda and proprietary odor eliminator control odors
● No dust cloud ever and no tracking on floors from cat’s feet
● Dander control reduces nasties when you scoop and clean the box

Litter Cons

● Price (seems expensive but less waste offsets the cost)
● Heavy, hard-to-carry box for seniors.
● Packaging is green but the formula uses bentonite

2. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter―This popular clay-based litter is a top choice among cat owners and pet bloggers. Plus, it’s highly rated as an Amazon Choice for customer satisfaction.

Litter Pros

● No floor mess, non-tracking granules
● Effective urine and feces clumping
● Multiple indoor cat formula
● Superior odor elimination
● 99.9% dust-free litter
● Non-scented formula

Litter Cons

● Not “green”―made from a bentonite clay formula
● This litter is an imported product
● Heavy 40 Lb. plastic bags.

3. World’s Best Clumping Litter Formula for Multiple Cats―This is an all-plant based cat litter (corn, no clay) which makes it eco-friendly. But, with that comes a trade-off. Yep, there’s always a trade-off so try a bag then you and your cat can be the judges. Amazon and loads of customers rate it very highly, so you may too. We suggest you follow the maker’s advice―store the litter in a sealable bag, bin, or tote. Why? Because it’s made from corn―it will attract bugs!

Litter Pros

● Superb waste odor control
● 99% dust-free and lightweight
● Clumps fast and scoops easily
● People, pets, and planet friendly
● Available unscented or scented
● Septic and sewer safe―you can flush it!
● Works well for single or multiple cat homes

Litter Cons

● Will attract flies, ants, and other bugs―don’t store in retail bag
● 15% of Amazon customers don’t like it, 12% hate it―try it and judge it.

4. Purina Yesterday’s News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter―Like the World’s Best litter above, this is an eco-friendly alternative to clay litter. The difference is this pelleted Purina product is based on recycled paper rather than corn. That means no unwanted bug invasions.

Litter Pros

● Economical, get 30 lbs for about $20
● Unscented yet excellent odor control
● #1 veterinarian recommended sustainable cat litter
● Non-clumping yet 3x the absorption of clay-based litters
● Low tracking pellets with no tiny bits messing your floors

Litter Cons

● Old habits die hard―25% of Amazon buyers didn’t like it
● Recycling centers may not understand the packaging is recyclable
● Some cats may not transition easily if they are accustomed to clay litter

5. Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter for Multiple Cats―If clay is your choice, then Tidy Cats is probably right for you. This is a very popular, time-tested brand among cat parents. It’s a great litter for either solo or multiple cat homes.

Litter Pros

● Economical, reusable buckets
● Guaranteed to “lock away” odors
● 80% of Amazon shoppers love this litter
● Comes in a variety of package sizes and types
● 99.9% dust-free, easy to scoop clumps, 3x odor control of other litters

Litter Cons

● Not “green”―made from a bentonite clay formula
● Scented litter which may put off some cats and cat parents

In conclusion, we’ve researched over 20 cat litter products and we give these 5 products 4 paws up! Every cat litter product has its pros and cons as well as its likers and haters. There are lots of litter products out there which can be frustrating to many cat owners. It can also be-time consuming and expensive for cat parents to keep trying different brands until they find “the one”. For those reasons we truly hope this article helps you find the right cat litter.



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