Best and Safest Christmas Dog Treats

America’s vet clinics are besieged every Fall holiday season with sick dogs and grieving dog parents.  Many dogs get chocolate or sugar poisoning from getting into Christmas sweets.  Other dogs get sick on people foods or beverages they shouldn’t consume.  And, some dogs damage their digestive systems or choke on brittle cooked bones.  What’s the best way to avoid hazards, trauma, and grief?  It’s simple―don’t treat your dog to holiday goodies and keep them out of reach so the dog can’t get them.


Of course, good dogs deserve good Christmas treats.  After all, they are part of the family, right?  So, go ahead and give them some Christmas cheer.  But, do it correctly with proper dog treats.


Here at Love and Kisses Pet Sitting we want every dog and dog parent to have a safe and happy Christmas.  We believe that commercially prepared dog treats are the safest way to go.  But, some are very good and others not so much.  Read our list below to discover what we think are the best and safest Christmas dog treats.

Best and Safest Treats


Greenies Dog Treats―Don’t just treat your dog with something that tastes good―treat your dog with a good tasting treat that is nutritionally sound, and that cleans teeth and gums.

  • Made in Kansas City, USA
  • Puppy, adult, and senior dog formulas
  • Taste great and veterinarian recommended
  • Safe, all-natural sourced and balanced ingredients
  • Cleans teeth, combat tartar and plaque and freshens dog’s breath

Rocco & Roxie Meat Treats―A great, American small business makes this family formula healthy treats for good dog behavior and training rewards.

  • No artificial flavor enhancers
  • Healthy all-natural meat goodness
  • No wheat, soy, corn, or gluten ingredients
  • Slow roasted and naturally smoked for a tasty treat
  • No stinky odors or greasy mess like the fake flavored dog treats

Zuke’s Dog Treats―If you can’t trust a dog-loving Colorado-based company like Zuke’s, then who can you trust?  The vast majority of Amazon dog parent shoppers agree and give Zuke’s Dog Treats a 4-5 star rating.  We think you will too.

  • Crafted in the USA
  • No corn, wheat, or soy is ever included
  • Only safe, healthy Beta-Carotene rich ingredients
  • Hip-Action formula is a super hip-health treat for dogs
  • Tiny Naturals for the little guys and a dental formula too!

Best Bully Sticks―For the purest meat-lover dog parent, it’s tough to beat the wholesome goodness and flavor that comes from Bully Stick treats.

  • 100% made at GFSI certified plants in the USA
  • Sourced and made from free-range, grass-fed beef
  • A healthy alternative to artificially flavored rawhide treats
  • Completely safe one-ingredient, fully digestible chew treat
  • No stinky, greasy smell and baked for safety, flavor, and enjoyment

Nudges Dog Treats―Nudge your best friend back with these safe, doggie delicious, and never FDA recalled treats.

  • No fillers or artificial flavors are ever used
  • 5 treat varieties all designed to nudge with flavor and love
  • Made and sourced in the USA with wholesome ingredients
  • Only American beef, pork, chicken, and duck meats are used
  • Packed with protein and enriched with all-natural fruits and veggies

Hill’s Dog Treats―To all of the Meat-Only Purists out there―these Hill’s dog treats are not grain-free.  But, they are packed with good nutrition, great flavors, and are highly recommended by veterinarians everywhere.

  • Crunchy, healthy, and great tasting
  • Only safe, high-quality ingredients used
  • Never anything artificial included in any recipes
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on every product

Blue Buffalo Dog Treats―True to Old Blue’s memory, these treats are jammed packed with wholesome nutrition and great meaty taste.

  • Supports your dog’s strength and vitality
  • No artificial ingredients or flavors ever used
  • No Corn, Wheat, or Soy ingredients are used
  • No poultry by-product meals are used in any formula
  • Many specialties treat types, flavors, and package sizes offered

The Treat Wrap


Now that you’ve gone through our best dog treat list, you may be wondering ‘Okay, but what is so Christmassy about those dog treats?’  The truth is…nothing is Christmassy about them―you can buy them any time of the year―but they are the best, healthiest, and safest treats for your best bud at Christmas and every day of the year! 


From all of us to all of you―treat your dog wisely with safe, nutritious treats this holiday season.  And, avoid the temptation to treat them with your Christmas goodies.  Please have a safe, happy, and crisis-free doggie Christmas.  Thanks for being here and Happy Holidays!



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