Benefits of Playing Games with Dogs Outside

Benefits of Playing Games with Dogs Outside

Benefits of Playing Games with Dogs Outside

Winter is a time that most dogs hate because they stay cooped up for long. Why not grab the reprieve that autumn brings and have fun with your dog? It will be perfect for both of you.
Games with your dog must be stimulating and Interesting enough to hold their attention. Ensure you play games with dogs outside where there is sufficient space, away from roads and where the environment has Interesting features like ponds, lakes, etc.

Here are a few games that are Interesting and fun for your dog.

1. Play the Frisbee. It’s a great game for your dog. The frisbee floating builds anticipation in your dog, and it’s perfect for developing jumping and snatch skills. Different types of Frisbee’s are available depending on your dog temperament from soft to extra hard.
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2. Find the treat/Hidden treasure. Wet your dog’s appetite by feeding It a few morsels of a favorite snack. Next, hide the bite in different and creative places then command it to search. Reward your dog with the treat if it finds the hiding place.

3. Play fetch. This game is most familiar but to make it more Interesting, vary the fetch. Use a soft brightly colored toy as a fetch to stimulate your dog more. Or tie the fetch on to a pole with a long string attached. It will give you greater control and make the game more fun.
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4. Play chase with your dog. Become a canine chase partner. Run with your body slightly bent with outstretched arms. Once your dog starts running towards you, then reverse directions. Dogs love this games as it arouses their predatory instincts. Don’t overdo it though because they may get carried away.

5. Obstacle course. Set up as many and varied obstacles as you can get. While on a leash take your dog through the barriers several times. Every time he/she succeeds, praise them profusely. This exercise Improves the mental and physical strength of your canine.

6. Hide and seek. Command your dog to sit or wait. Then go and hide. Once you are well hidden, then give a signal that your dog can start looking for you. Because of your dog’s advanced senses, It will quickly find you. The main benefit though is that they learn obedience.

7. Biking is a fun activity to do with your dog, and it benefits both of you. Do not ride too far or too fast. Have frequent breathers and go to or through Interesting scenic places.

8.Use bubbles. Just as kids are fascinated with bubbles so are dogs. Though it may seem not be a real game, it’s still fun, and your dog will enjoy jumping after the floating bubbles. Use safe pet bubbles that will not cause any adverse effects if ingested
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Playing games with your dog enhance your mutual bond, builds trust and gives both physical and mental exercise to your canine. Games enable your dog release pent-up anger making it more friendly and agreeable; this promotes obedience and response.

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