Be Carefull With The DogToys You let Your Pets Play With

Kong dog Toy

Be Carefull With The Dog Toys You let Your Pets Play With

Be Carefull With The Toys You let Your Pets Play With     As a pet sitter, in Indian Trail, NC for Love and Kisses pet sitting, I come in contact with many of our furry friends, and if you are a pet owner, chances are you know what a Kong dog toy is. If you haven’t heard of it, Kong is a basically indestructible, hard rubber chew toy for dogs. Most known for their hard rubber toy with a hole in the middle that you can fill with different treats for your dogs, they do make other hard plastic toys as well.

These dog toys have been used forever to keep dogs active and engaged, and for the most part, we think them to be safe.  I’m here to let you know that any toy can pose a danger, if not properly supervised.
A recent tragedy has me wanting to let all pet owners know to be watchful of your pets with their dog toys. Recently a family in California lost their beloved pet after an incident with a Kong toy. The dog’s tongue had gotten stuck in the hole and swelled up. This is such an unfortunate incident, and hope that this story can keep it from happening again.
Another unfortunate story involving the kong toys is with the Kong Aqua Kong. The foam plug that is inside the Kong to help it float, somehow was dislodged and a dog swallowed it. This cause a blockage in the dogs small intestine, and required surgery to help the dog.
I’m not promoting that Kong dog toys are not good, they are great toys for those aggressive chewers, I’m just saying pay attention to your pets when they have any dog toy, and help to ensure a long life together.



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