Avoid Dog Bites With These Useful Tips

Avoid Dog Bites With These Useful Tips

Dog Bite

Avoid Dog bites with these useful tips from your local pet sitter. The old proverb says that a dog is man’s best friend. This comes as a no surprise, as they make us joyful, reduce our stress levels, protect our homes, play with our children and help us in many other, small ways. If you are a dog owner, then you most certainly know all these things. However, you probably also know that, sometimes, our best animal friends can lose control and start attacking and biting everyone in their proximity. These bites can be small and inconsequential, but also big and harmful that can cause severe pain, nerve and tissue damage as well as all kinds of infections. Even though all of this can sound scary, you should not immediately get rid of your animal pal. If your dog exhibits some aggressive tendencies, that usually means that it requires some special attention. The first thing you should do is raise your awareness of any possible risks and take all the necessary precautions. The next step would be to try out these 3 Ways how to prevent dog bites, in order to make your little pal forget about biting anyone ever again.
1. “Read” the dog

Probably the first and most important things you should do is learn the signs of warning and biting. In other words, you should learn the dog’s “language” to a certain extent. It is a common fact that dogs show a plethora of physical signs when they fell threatened, aggressive and are ready to bite. The dogs that bite are usually quite anxious, afraid and tense. In order to assess the dog’s mental condition, you should pay close attention to the following signs.

– Tongue flicking

– Growling


– Lip licking

– Teeth barring

– Body tension

– Stiff tail

– Ears flattening

Learning these signs will significantly improve your odds of performing timely interventions necessary to calm the dog once in an aggressive state of mind.

2. Training and socialization

Every pet dog needs to get used to being in the company of people, both adults and children, as well as other dogs. A proper and consistent socialization is required in order to have positive effects. If your dog behaves aggressively and nervously in the company of others, it means you should apply some training methods as soon as possible. Whether you intend to train a puppy, or an adult dog, try to acclimatize it to your household by focusing on positive perspective training.

You can start this by teaching your dog some basic commands, including “come”, “stay” and “sit”. This commands and others will significantly contribute to the creation and subsequent strengthening of the bond between you and your dog. This way, it’s interaction with other people and dogs will also be considerably improved.

3. “Emergency Measures”

Sometimes, all the training and all the knowledge about dogs can prove less than enough. In case your dog, or any other dog, still acts aggressively, there are still some measures that you can rely on, so as to avoid getting bitten. First and foremost, don’t ever try to turn your back and run. Such anPet Sitter, Dog Walker act will only add to the dog’s aggressiveness and it will start perceiving you as a prey. The best thing would be to stay calm and slowly create some distance between the dog and yourself. Also, avoid hugging the dog, or looking it straight in the eyes, as it may perceive it as an act of aggression. Lastly, if you are having problems with your own dog, make sure to keep it on a short leash in public.

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