How To Avoid a Dog Bite

Dog bite

How To Avoid a Dog Bite


Dogs are known to be the best friends to human beings but there may be few instances where they can cause trouble to you. One such situation is when a dog bites due to provocations of one way or another. Dog bites can be dangerous, so it is always suggested that you should never put your face into a dog face or you may get bit. There are many aspects that you need to understand perfectly when it comes to a dog bite like the causes of this, preventive measures and things that need to be done after a bite.

Possible causes of a dog bite

Knowing the causes can really help you avoid such kind of predicament.

Surprise or Fear:

One of the most common reasons that can make a dog bite you is fear or surprise. Dogs react violently when there are unforeseen fast movements, high-pitched sounds, sudden shocking approaches to a dog or when you wake him in a violent and reckless manner. It is their natural instinct, in this case, to be defensive.


It always feels great to play rough with your dog. Dogs love to be playful and actively fight. But sometimes the rough play can get the dog extra excited and it may cause him to bite you unintentionally.

Protecting something they love: Another reason for dog bites is when a dog protects something that is of great value to him like territory, possessions or his food. This can cause the dog to become aggressive and bite.


How to prevent it

There are many ways of preventing dog bites as discussed below

· Always get a dog of the breed known for their control over temper. Dogs with short temper listen to their masters less and can cause such issues.

· Always avoid surprising a dog, making sudden high noises around it and also, avoid going near an unknown dog.

· Never disturb a dog while it is eating food, playing with its puppies or feeding them, as it can make it aggressive and attack you.

· Never run from a dog that comes near you as it can cause it to attack you, always avoid eye contact and keep walking calmly.

· Understand your dog’s temperament and know when he has had enough of your messing about.

What to do after being bitten by a dog

The first thing to be done after being bitten by a dog is to get medical attention from a good doctor. Always clean the wound right away with an antiseptic solution and cover the wound, so that dust and other particles don’t cause infection. The wound size doesn’t matter as negligence can even transfer diseases like rabies, especially if the dog is not an immunized one. Find out if the dog has all his required shots.


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