Are Slugs Poisonous to My Dog?

Are Slugs Poisonous to My Dog?

Dogs are commonly known to hoover up garden slugs like fine cuisine. In spite of the gross factor and the stress on you, these tiny little critters themselves are not hazardous to dogs. However, if the garden slugs have consumed poison baits first hand, then here is where the story may become ugly.

Most baits that are used to control the slugs are highly toxic poison, also known as, Metaldehyde. This ingredient is also found in some of the fly baits. When a dog gulps in the slug, the poison starts to take effect typically in two to three hours of consumption. You are going to notice Slugsthe symptoms that include vomiting, drooling, panting, nervous, as well as slowly becoming uncoordinated. As soon as you start to see these symptoms, it means it’s critical enough to contact your veterinarian. Metaldehyde is pretty much capable of inducing a very high spike in temp, up to 110 degrees F, which is, unfortunately, hot enough to take a toll on your pet. In the worst case scenario, some dogs even experience muscle tremors or seizures.

Never take the guess that your pet might be safe simply because you do not put out the slug bait yourself. It could take only one of your neighbors to use a commercial bait which can potentially put your dog at risk. Dogs are curious and it really doesn’t take much for them to consume some of it. There are better ways to deal with an infestation of slugs.

Dogs are not usually known to eat slugs intentionally, but they may consume them by accident if they fall into their bowls or attach onto toys or bones. Since you are now aware what slugs are capable of, it is best recommended to keep your dogs off of these things and has continued happy years with your pet.




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