Are Essential Oils Safe To Use On or Around Dog?

Are Essential Oils Safe To Use On or Around Dog? 

Essential Oils

Your dogs are like your children. You want them to receive the best healthcare possible which includes an application of essential oils when they need it, not medications with side effects. Since essential oils help the body by healing and the prevention of ailments, the next step is always to ask, “Are Essential Oils Safe to use around Dogs? “.

Fleas are very common to pets and especially dogs. Pets should be treated in a humane way just like the man takes care of himself. It has prompted to the advocating of animal rights in some regions of the world, and these areas have even gone a long way to creating legislation’s that afford protection to animals. Dogs are among the greatest of friends to man. Therefore, man must do all that it takes to take care of their health, and especially common infections the often plague dogs. The most common infections in dogs are fleas. It has often been pondered if the essential oil can be used for the treatment of fleas in dogs. You will be surprised at this article telling you of the possibility of using essential oils to keep your dog free from fleas. 

You must also remember that your dog cannot notify you what is or is not working you must carefully watch their reactions. Watch out for increased scratching, sniffing, nervousness, or whining to indicate an adverse reaction.

The essential oil is good for the man as well as dogs. If it can be a therapeutic agent to man, it can also be a healing agent for animals. But extreme care ought to be taken if we have to administer essential oils to animals. It is because essential oil should be taken under strict prescriptions and we all know that animals cannot tell how they feel about the application of certain essential oils. Even when they express certain abnormal behavior to show that they are plagued by certain infections or that they disapprove of certain treatments, it is still difficult for us t to understand the true meaning of these manifestations. It is the reason why you must first and foremost seek advice from a vet ahead of administering any essential oil to your dog. 

The situation is not the same for every essential oil. There are essential oils that can be administered to the dog without fear of side effects. It is particularly the case with essential oil that is used to take care of fleas. It is because insects attack dogs in regions around the neck and legs. Therefore, applying essential oil around these areas will not cause any significant problem to the dog’s health. A good example of such essential oils for the cure of fleas should be lavender and peppermint. Other forms of essential oils such eucalyptus, citronella cedar and lemon should also be considered. 

Another possibility is to attempt a mixture of rosemary essential oil, white cedar essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, citronella essential oil and peppermint essential oil. However, you should apply this to the dog’s collar and leave to dry for some time ahead of trying the collar on the dog’s neck. You should also know that every case has its treatment. Therefore, you should always get advice from the vet because what you will copy from a friend might not be what should apply to your case. And above all, self-medication should be considered risky to the health of your dog. 


Some essential oils such as neem oil, tea tree oil; lemongrass, citronella, lime, sage, peppermint, cedar, rose, bergamot are qualified to very efficient regarding removing fleas from your dog. These different oils can be put in your dog’s bedding, water meant for his/her bathing and also in the household cleaning water.

When you apply essential oils to dogs, always remember less is more as dogs are very sensitive to essential oils. It cannot be as strange as this might sound. Pets have the innate capability to know what they need really. Choose an essential olive oil and offer it to your dog to seek (after diluting it). In the event he likes it, this individual might just want to smell it. He might also want to riff it. In case your dog does not like it, do not enforce its use. A dog’s sense of smell is estimated 100 times better than ours. Imagine being covered by fragrance you hate. It is when you will probably understand why you should not force the utilization of any given oil if your dog doesn’t like it.

The only problem with essential oils and mainly orange oil is how to use them. Because they’re oils, they don’t combine with water. Second, how much should you use? You don’t need much, but getting the right amount is important. Certain products actually have combined an appropriate amount of natural surfactants to achieve the desired result. Whether it’s to kill fleas, prevent insects or just make that bad dog odor go away the right product is available on the internet.

Whenever you’re seeking an answer for your pet’s welfare, try to do it naturally. Try to line up a holistic vet. Find natural products to fix minor problems with your dog’s health. In the long run, your dog is better for it. If he could speak, he would be thanking you.

The standard principles of using essential oils on your dog are super easy to learn. They can add a new dimension to your life and a new level of communication in your way on the path to your dog. So, are essential oils safe for canines? In the event you follow the regulation of allowing choice and know a bit about what they can do, then yes, they can be a secure and efficient way of helping your dog.

These remedies are tried, tested and proven solution. They do not only get the dog free of fleas; they leave the dog refreshed mentally and relaxed as any average human will feel.

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