Antifreeze Can Kill Your Pet. Please Read This Information Form Your Indian Trail Pet Sitter

Cold Weather Danger: Antifreeze

I remember years ago getting a call from my sister one morning, she was in tears.  She claimed that her dog was in the animal hospital and was very very sick.  The veterinarian told her that they had to keep the dog there do observe him.  Well as it turns out the dog the dog licked up some anti-freeze from her garage.  Antifreeze is so bad if a pet ingests it that it can kill your pet. As it turned out they did have to put their dog down.  It was a very sad day and something that could have been avoided had they know about this.

When the temperature starts to dip below freezing, many people add antifreeze to their cars. While this can be a lifesaver in terms of keeping a vehicle running properly in cold weather, it can be deadly for your pet. Antifreeze contains a toxic substance, ethylene glycol, which is an odorless, sweet-tasting chemical that causes kidney failure, seizures and death. Just a teaspoon or tablespoonful can be fatal to a small pet.

Pets are often poisoned when they lick up spills in the driveway or garage. For this reason, be very careful when filling up your car. Makes sure none of the substance is leaking out of your car’s cooling system, and be sure to promptly clean up any spills. Store partially used containers out of the reach of pets and children.

Initial signs of antifreeze ingestion include the animal appearing to be  “drunk.”  Other signs include nausea, vomiting and tremors.

Please watch for open containers of liquid around where your pets live or play. If you don’t know what it is, dispose of it.

And if you think your pet has ingested something harmful  contact your vet immediately

The sooner that care can be initiated, the better the prognosis.

Some of this information here was also obtained from Sun Valley Animal Hospital Facebook page.  Check out their page for more information or visit their website to learn more at



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  1. Laika

    It’s terrible. I didn’t think dogs would lick that kind of stuff.


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