Animals That Will Become the Best Companions in Your Life

As many people believe, man is a social animal. We call ourselves the most ingenious species that currently inhabit the world. However, we also possess some basic instincts and attributes as the other animals that live on the planet with us. Unlike human companions, animals view the world differently and, in some cases, are more coordinated and superior to us.

While there are only a few animals people prefer pets, almost all animals are affectionate and emotionally approachable. In fact, you may even have come across essay titles about life which has allegories related to animals. A lot of good titles for essays about life are written while considering the behavior of our fellow earthlings. If you’re also planning on an essay title about life, Grades Fixer can offer some great examples. Generally, animals have an unconditional sense of loyalty and affection towards their family. If trained and treated well, they’re also your fiercest protectors and a friend of all seasons.

In fact, sometimes all we need is our pet to give us a friendly lick when we’re feeling down! If you’re looking for the best companion pets you can have, here are a few options you might like:

  1. Dogs

The first one comes as no surprise. Dogs are perhaps more approachable and trusting than most of your friends. They are also capable of establishing a firm physical contact with their human families. Regardless of what breed it belongs to, owning a dog can be a memorable experience for you.

Their snuggling, tail-wagging, barking, and goofy behavior releases healthy levels of serotonin in your body. Dogs are also preferred as pets for busy people. They are capable of taking care of themselves and aren’t too clingy or unpredictable, either.

Having a dog also has its unique advantages. From tiny Pomeranians to large greyhounds, they’re playful and can challenge you for a game of fetch whenever you’re bored. Dogs also love to cuddle and are all smitten for owners they like. Even the ones that seem aggressive are softies at heart.

Dogs are also faithful and helpful for people with anxiety, panic, Alzheimer’s, and other health problems. Service dogs are trained to prevent owners from harming themselves. They also tackle abusive situations and can get help when you’re facing a problem.


  1. Cats

We can also call a cat, the best animal companion for a large number of people. Cats are also smaller than most pets, so you can own them even when you live in an apartment. Over the years, people have become more closer to cats than they previously used to be.

Cats have a ferocious, feminine aura around them. They don’t have a lopsided grin or a friendly bark. Heck, even their meowing often sounds like a warning! While cats may seem to be cold-shouldered and somewhat wild, they’re actually pretty affectionate.

Yes, cats are affectionate, even when it doesn’t seem like it. Their purring and soft scratching is their way of showing love towards you.

Owning a cat also has a number of scientific benefits. For example, they cause fewer allergies and have positive psychological impacts on their owners. Cats are also incredibly brave and loyal and can sense when you need someone to comfort you.


  1. Guinea Pigs

If you want a pet that is small and portable, you’d love a Guinea pig. These small fuzzballs are also perfect for young children. They love to play hide and seek just as much as they like to cuddle.

While Guinea pigs aren’t as popular as dogs or cats, they behave nearly the same way as those pets. All you need is to teach the Guinea pig that it can trust you. Once that trust is established, your friend will always be around to keep you company.

Guinea pigs are emotionally sound and are an active species. They’re also pretty low maintenance and are easy to train. They can sense when you’re feeling down and make sure you don’t feel alone or abandoned!


  1. Horses

Owning a horse incites a number of positive changes in your life and your mindset. Horses are relatively pretty intelligent and can understand your emotional swings. They are often recommended for people who are haunted by anxiety and stress issues.

Aside from their impact on your mental health, horses are also great at welcoming new owners. They are all for embraces, cuddles, and friendly pats. The number one activity to do with your horse whenever you’re bored is to go horse riding!



  1. Parrots

Parrots are commonly regarded as mimickers. You can teach them words, sentences, and even facial expressions. When you first get a parrot, you may want to keep it in a cage. This is how it’ll learn where to eat, sleep, and excrete. Once you train your parrot, you’ll probably have it flying around 24/7.

Sometimes, parrots are even smart enough to figure out your schedule. They come and wake you up. They caw when they’re bored. They love to perch on your shoulder and constantly stay by your side. If they’re feeling extra cheeky, you might even get a peck from their bright red beak



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