Animal Toxins in the Home

Taking Care to Avoid Animal Toxins in the Home

Animal Toxins


When you trust a pet sitter to care for your furry friend, you want peace of mind that your pet is in good hands. Our job is to ensure that you came home to a happy pet, not one who needs a trip to the vet. There are a variety of regular household products that you should keep in a safe place if you have a pet who loves to explore. Pets are not always aware of what is harmful to them so you may even decide to eliminate toxins from your home entirely.

Toxic substances for your pet include:

  •         Household cleaners
  •         Formaldehyde (found in new furnishings, household cleaners)
  •         Anti-freeze
  •         Items in your garbage

To find out more about which toxins you should keep out of your home, take a look at this detailed article on household toxins that can harm your pet.

Unfortunately, each year thousands of dogs and cats suffer from accidental ingestion of household poisons. Part of our mission is to lower this number, but we need your help. As a pet owner, are you aware of the common toxins that can poison your pet? Common household items such as foods, medications, chemicals, and plants can harm your pet if ingested. We’ll teach you how to poison-proof your home, and help you understand the signs and symptoms of dog or cat poisoning. Click below to find out more from Pet Poison HotLine



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