All about the Ragdoll Cat


If you’ve been thinking about bringing a cat into your family, but have been deterred by the potential aloofness of some cats, you might want to check out the Ragdoll Cat. The Ragdoll cat is loved by many for its dog-like personality traits and much more.

History of the Ragdoll Cat

Unlike many other breeds of cats that have been around for hundreds of years, the Ragdoll breed is a very young breed in comparison. In fact, they’ve only been around since 1963.  A woman by the name of Ann Baker, a breeder, wanted a big, gentle cat.  Her quest began by breeding a few longhair cats with unknown lineage along with a cat named Josephine, a white longhair. Her white coat was hiding the presence of genes relative to seal mitted or tuxedo patterns.  The result was the Ragdoll breed that was finally registered by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1993.

Health of the Ragdoll Cat

Ragdolls are overall healthy cats.  One common health issue that you should be aware of is cardiomyopathy or HCM.  However, HCM is common in all breeds of cats.  Ragdoll breeders can submit their cats to a genetic test that will reveal a genetic mutation that indicates the development of HCM.  This allows breeders the ability to remove those cats from breeding, as they should.  Keep in mind, however, that this only minimizes the likelihood that the kittens that are born will not have HCM.  There are no guarantees.

Personality Traits of the Ragdoll Cat

As mentioned above, Ragdolls are loved for their dog-like personalities.  They seek social interaction from their families and can be found on the heels or in the lap of their “person”.  Unlike other cats, they like to be picked up. In fact, their name comes from the fact that their sturdy bodies go limp when they are picked up.  They will fold into your arms like squishy stuffed animals.  They are also known for their low to moderate energy levels. In fact, you will never find this gentle breed running amuck up your curtains or jumping up to the top of your cabinets. They prefer to stay low, right where the people and dogs in the household are! You can expect the Ragdoll cat to enjoy low-level interactive games like fetch, too!

Grooming the Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll Cat is admired for their blue piercing eyes and silky fur. Although, low shedding, the Ragdoll should be groomed regularly. Weekly grooming of the soft-textured coat should involve brushing to remove any tangles.  The Ragdoll loves attention so gentle grooming will be a highly anticipated bonding experience if done the correct way.  Attention should also be given to nails, ears, and teeth.  Brushing your Ragdolls teeth regularly will prevent periodontal disease.  Nails should be trimmed every two weeks and ears should be cleaned out on almost the same frequency.

If you would like more information about Ragdolls, start by checking out a rescue.  Rescues are always well armed with information about the breed.  If you are looking for a kitten from a breeder, do extensive research and ask for reviews.  Also, always visit the location of the breeder so you can see where the kittens come from.




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