Advantages of Hiring And What To Look For In A Professional Cat Sitter

Advantages of Hiring And What To Look For In A Professional Cat Sitter 

Cat SitterThere will come a time when we have to leave the comfort of our home and normal everyday routine for a business trip, vacation, special occasion or an emergency. During these times, our cats need to be left behind. A good way to keep your cat safe and taken care of is by hiring a professional cat sitter.

It may be okay to leave your cat in a veterinary clinic for a night or so but it will be less stressful for the both of you if your pet can stay at home and you know that someone is there to look after it. Though it may be tempting to simply leave your pet with a neighbor or relative, for the low cost and the already established connection, it is still best to hire a professional cat sitter for the job.

A professional cat sitter has the education and training in pet care for different breeds of pets. They are intellectually equipped with cat care and cat nutrition. They have hands-on training on pets and are emotionally and physically prepared to keep your pet safe and healthy until you arrive.

They are also trained to get along with pets easily so even if your pet sees the cat sitter for the first time, the sitter can ease into your cat’s safe zone immediately.

All professional cat sitters are insured. In case things do not go the way as planned, accidents may happen and things may break during your absence, you will not worry because you are covered by a liability insurance. Professionals working for a company are also bonded and that is something that you should also ask about. Since some professional cat sitters work alone or are self-employed, bonding is not necessary. A cat sitter must not just look after your pet but must also mind your home when you are away.Having this benefit heaves off your worries about the safety of your pet and the integrity of your property.

Companies for professional cat sitters often allow payments to be transacted via credit cards, debit cards and checks. Aside from paying up front,Cat Sitter this gives you more convenient options. When you have multiple cats in your house, hiring a professional cat sitter will often cost you less than putting all your cats in a boarding place or in a vet clinic. Your cats will be able to enjoy the conveniences of your home and the care of a person even when you are not around.

The day before your trip, call or email the cat sitter and confirm your travel plans. Inform them of your expected return, ask them to continue pet care until you call them to say you’ve returned. Leave a note on your kitchen table or refrigerator that has a brief description of each pet, your veterinarian’s name and phone number, unique habits or medical needs, how to reach you, where you will be staying, expected return date, and who to call in case of an emergency such as your trip being severely delayed or if you have a health emergency. This information will also be talked about when you have your meet and greet and the cat sitter will have it on file.  However, it is always good to leave a secondary note.

Your cat sitter will send you texts and/or emails while you travel, this gives you peace of mind. If you require a daily call from your pet sitter, please be respectful of their time and discuss this plan as well prior to your departure. Pay all pet sitting fees promptly. When you consider gas, travel time, and the initial meet and greet and post-visit key exchange, you’ll realize most pet sitters charge a low fee for their time. Also, let your closest neighbors know that you have a cat sitter coming daily, so they won’t be concerned when they see a stranger going in and out of your house or apartment.

Hiring a cat sitter to look after your pets while you’re away from home is becoming more common these days. Many people prefer to know that their cat is able to enjoy their familiar surroundings while their owner is on vacation.

With so many of these services popping up around the country, it can get confusing when trying to choose the perfect professional cat sitter for your beloved pet. Here are some tips that will help you decide.

1) Make sure the person your hire is bonded and insured. Most professional pet sitters are very honest and passionate about the work they do. However, it’s best to make sure they’re covered in the unlikely event your valuables should turn up missing while you’re away.

2) Check to see if they are a member of a professional pet sitting organization. This shows how passionate the person you hire is about the pet sitting industry. The two most popular organizations are the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International.

3) Take time to interview them during an initial consultation at your home. It’s very important that the individual meets with you and your pet at your home before scheduling an appointment. This gives you, your pet and the pet sitter a chance to get to know each other. If your pet doesn’t warm up to them during the consultation, it’s best to find another sitter.

4) Give them detailed instructions. in case you have a burglar alarm, make sure you discuss the password and procedures before you go out of town. Also, be sure to give them your emergency contact information before you leave.

5) Get everything in writing. A reputable service will have a written agreement that details all of the services they will provide. Read the contract carefully before signing. A professional pet sitter can make life easier for both you and your pet. 

Finally, it’s comforting to know that your loyal companion is in the hands of a caring individual when you can’t be there since Professional Pet Sitters Give You Peace of Mind.  If you are in South Charlotte and need a professional cat sitter call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  They have been in business since 2006 and have many years experience is cat sitting. 704-7693-9857

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