Adopting a Dog: 9 Major Things You Should Know

So you think you’re ready to adopt a dog? Congratulations! A lot of people these days want dogs straight
from breeders, and it is wonderful that you are considering adoption. The dog that you are about to give a
new life to is going to love you! Since you are going to be taking this huge step, you want to do it correctly,
and with as much information as possible. So, here are 8 things that you should know before you adopt a dog.

1. Different dogs have different temperaments.

If you are looking for a lazy dog that will hang out with you and watch movies until 2 am, then you will
probably want to consider adopting an English Bulldog or a Dachsund. If you are looking for a dog that you
can take on runs with you and that will play catch in the yard, consider adopting a Border Collie or an
Australian Shepherd.

A dog’s temperament is a very important thing to consider when you are trying to find the perfect dog. If you
are not looking to change your lifestyle a lot, then consider getting a dog that will live a life like yours.
Whether you’re a couch potato or an avid runner, there is 100% a dog out there for you.

2. Consider the amount your dog will shed.

If you have a serious issue with dog hair, then there are some breeds you should stay away from. If you want
a dog that won’t shed a ton, you can find a Bichon Frise or an Italian Greyhound. If you don’t mind the
shedding, then you can always find our next companion in an Alaskan Malamute or an Akita. There will be
dog hair, no matter what breed you choose, but you can try and eliminate a lot of the fuss and cleaning if
that’s what you’re in to.

3. The time commitment.

It’s no secret that having a pet of any kind is a large time commitment. A dog is no exception. You have to
feed them, groom them, play with them, and all sorts of other things. While some dogs are very low
maintenance and can get by with just some food and the occasional pat on the head, others will require
almost constant attention. When you start looking to adopt a dog, consider the amount of time that you have
and are willing to invest in your dog. You do not want to neglect this animal, so you should only adopt a dog
if you are ready to put in the time and work.

4. Dogs need dental care too!

Dogs have teeth, just like humans. So they need to take care of them, just like we do. If your dog is having
mouth pain, you probably won’t be able to tell. They can start acting up or acting differently, and your first
thoughts may not even go to how their mouth is feeling. It’s important to take care of your dog’s mouth, and
there are a lot of ways that you can do it.

This is the biggest one. You need to brush your dog’s teeth. You can do this by using a human toothbrush if
you’d like, but they make toothbrushes for dogs! They just go on the end of your finger, and they are a little
bit softer. Of course, don’t force a special toothbrush on your dog. Use whatever kind of toothbrush is
comfortable for both of you. While you’re at it, you should use canine toothpaste. With this toothpaste, you
don’t have to worry about them spitting. You just brush, and then they can go on with their day, and you can
go on with yours!

5. Dogs aren’t cheap.

It’s pretty easy to find the dog itself for cheap. The real money starts to get spent when you are searching for
toys, food and treats for your pup. Obviously, dogs can’t go without food. Depending on the size and breed
of your dog, they may eat a lot, or they may eat only a little. This will determine how much food you will
have to buy for your dog.

The size and breed of your dog also determine how often you will have to buy them toys. A rough breed of
dog will probably decimate their toys quickly, meaning that you will have to keep buying them new ones. A
smaller, less rough, dog probably won’t destroy toys that often. For these dogs, you have to buy fewer toys.
Treats are optional, but dogs really respond to them. When you want to congratulate your dog on going
outside and going potty, you can use a treat. When you want to teach them a trick, you can use a treat. When
you just want them to stop climbing on you, you can toss a treat, and they will follow. How much you spend
on treats is up to you and how often you anticipate using them as a reward mechanism.

You will also have to buy things like a bed, water/food dishes, a collar, a leash, and other accessories for
your dog. Consider these expenses when you begin your process to adopt a dog.

6. Dogs chew on pretty much anything.

When you adopt a dog, you need to make sure your house is ready. You should probably pick up all of your
nice shoes, and make sure that any nice furniture is protected so that they can’t chew on it. Anything that you
leave out for a dog to chew on, they will probably do just that.

7. Some plants are dangerous for dogs.

There are some plants that may seem fine to you but are deadly to your canine friend. Before you adopt a
dog, make sure that you don’t have aloe, tomato plants, lilies, corn plants, and many more things in reach of
your dog. If you are not sure, look online! There is a long list of things that are poisonous to your dog, and
you should make sure that you know what they all are!

8. Grooming

All dogs require some kind of grooming. They all need their nails trimmed, and they all need to be washed.
Certain dogs will probably need to be washed more frequently than others due to the nature of their fur and how it
can get dirty and stay dirty. Other dogs have shorter hair that is easier to keep clean. When you are picking
out the dog you want to adopt, consider how much time you will have to either groom your dog or to take
them to a groomer.

These are just 8 things that you should consider before you adopt a dog. This is not a full list of things. There
are many, many things that you should think about, and this decision should not be made overnight. Before
you adopt a dog, please make sure that you are 100% ready for the responsibility that comes along with it.

Another thing you may want to do is establish a relationship with a professional pet sitter. A professional pet sitter can be there to come to your home and care for your pets when travel or work long hours.  It will make your life so much easier to be able to call upon your pet sitter or dog walker when you need them.  Make sure your professional pet sitter or dog walker is fully insured as all professional pet sitter should be.

If you are in the Union County NC area and need to establish a relationship with a professional pet sitter, call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  They are fully insured and bonded and have many references.



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