Adopt a Dog From the Humane Society of Union County

Why should you adopt a dog?

Save a life today. I encourage you, as the owner of Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, to adopt an animal from the animal shelter near you. Today, you can help break the cycle of animal overpopulation in today’s society. It is important to me and my business that all animals are cared for and loved unconditionally. I believe all of the animals living in a shelter truly deserve a second chance. Regardless of the reason for being there, there is not a day that goes by where an animal deserves to live in a cage. Some animals are lost, given up for adoption or even abandoned. It is not their fault they happen to be unwanted and helpless. In order to save a life, If you live in the South Charlotte area, I am sure you have heard of the Humane Society of Union County.

So Many pets need homes!

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting encourages you to give an animal or two a new life in a loving, safe place they can call home. Overpopulation continues to be a major problem in today’s society. You see animals roaming the streets for food and fresh water. We need to break this cycle today before more and more animals are run over. Each year roughly 8 to 12 million dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens are euthanized due to limited housing. Euthanasia is horrible and horrific for any animal to go through. No animal deserves such cruelty. Mass breeding facilities breed animals without even worrying possible euthanasia of the poor babies. Take advantage of adopting an adult animal if possible. Not only you will skip the potty training stages but also love an animal that has little life to live. There is a great selection of animals in every animal shelter. Our goal is to have no animals left in the animal shelter because we know they were happily adopted. Adoption fees also allow you to save money compared to adopting from a breeder.

Help Spread the Word

Please encourage your family members, friends and others to adopt animals from the animal shelters. No matter what a pet will always be there for you. Even though they may be part of your life for a small amount of time, remember you are their entire life. Their goal is to love, protect and care for you throughout their entire lifetime. How beautiful. They serve as your perfect companion no matter the breed, size, and age. Adoption from shelters provides you with a healthy pet waiting for a brand new home. They typically give you an animal already vaccinated, spayed or neutered, microchipped and examined. Save a life today. I can say from personal experience you will feel more gratification by adopting a pet from an animal shelter versus a breeder. An animal from an animal shelter is more grateful and happy to be loved in a safe, secure home. There are so many benefits that come out of adoption. I am a proud dog owner of three happy dogs. My dog, Hank, is a mixed breed male dog. He is such a happy go lucky dog with the most love possible. I am so happy to be a dog owner of an animal from the dog shelter.



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