A Comprehensive List of Pet Resources For Individuals From Your Indian Trail Pet Sitter

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A list of pet resources for individuals From Indian Trial Pet Sitter

 This list was found on http://bestfriends.org/Resources/Resources-for-Rescuers/Help-for-Individuals/

  • What do do when you’ve found a stray Tips to help you reunite the animal with his or her person
  • Suspected animal cruelty by an individual Information and links if you suspect someone is abusing an animal
  • You Can Do It! (PDF Download) This article from Best Friends magazine gives you 13 ways that you can help animals in need.
  • How to Find Homes for Homeless Pets (PDF Download) This basic guide gives you tips and advice for finding a new home for a pet.Spanish version (PDF)
  • Become a Foster Parent (PDF Download) This Best Friends brochure answers frequently asked questions about fostering animals.
  • Foster Home Handbook (PDF Download) This handbook from Best Friends Animal Society – Utah gives foster parents lots of details and advice on how to care for foster dogs and cats and orphaned puppies and kittens.
  • After the Rescue: What Next? (PDF Download) These resources give tips on how to humanely trap animals and how to care for and socialize a stray that you’ve trapped.
  • How to Organize a Four-Legged Food Drive in Your Community (PDF Download) This action kit explains how communities can gather pet food to help families in need keep the pets they love.
  • Feeding and Caring for Bottle Babies (PDF Download) This resource gives detailed instructions for caring for “bottle babies”: kittens who have been orphaned or abandoned.
  • How to Help Prevent Breed Discrimination in Your Community (PDF Download) This action kit tells you how to counteract breed discrimination and help make your community safer for people and pets.
  • How to Start a Pit Crew to Help Shelter Dogs and Organize a Neighborhood Pit Bull Day (PDF Download) This action kit describes two ways to help pit-bull-terrier-type dogs in your community.
  • Rehabilitating Your Rescued Dog Using Positive, Gentle and Kind Techniques (PDF Download) This action kit offers advice for socializing and caring for dogs from puppy mills and hoarding cases.
  • When Hearts Are Larger Than Hands (PDF Download) This article from Best Friends magazine gives animal caregivers and rescuers some tips for coping with burnout.
  • Animal Transport Resources Links to other web sites that offer volunteer and paid transport services for animals.
  • Helping an Animal You’ve Seen Online Actions you can take if you’ve seen particular animal promoted online through social media websites or email cross-posts.
  • Placement for Pets of Military Families This resource gives tips for military personnel that cannot take pets with them on assignment.



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