9 Party Foods that are Dangerous to Dogs

9 Party Foods that are Dangerous to Dogs

5 Party Foods that are Dangerous to Dogs


9 Top Dangerous Party Foods for Dogs


Whether it be a backyard barbecue, a child’s birthday or just a good ole’ fashioned gathering of friends and family, when there is food involved, there’s usually a curious canine not far behind.


Unfortunately, this also means there is a chance that Fido’s craving for people food could result in an emergency trip to the veterinarian.


When you’re planning your event menu, be sure to keep these 9 top dangerous party foods for dogs out of your pet’s reach.


#1 Alcohol


When there’s a party, there’s usually alcohol of some variety. These beverages are fine for those of legal age; however, even as little as a few ounces of beer, wine or hard liquor can be dangerous to our dogs. Too much alcohol in a dog’s system can lead to ethanol poisoning, which can cause hypothermia, slowed breathing and even heart attacks.


#2 Chicken Wings


This easy-to-snatch party food is delicious for humans but can be hazardous to our canine companions. The danger is found in the bones of cooked chicken wings which tend to splinter. This can cause damage to, not only your dog’s tongue and gums, but it can pose a choking hazard and an obstruction in the intestinal tract. The same holds true for cooked rib bones.


It’s also not just the chicken wing bone that can be dangerous to dogs, but the salt content as well. Did you know one Buffalo wing has from 160 mg – 200 mg of sodium? This amount would be the daily intake for a 20-pound dog. Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure and contribute to kidney and heart issues.


#3 Guacamole


This dip may be a favorite at most parties, but the main ingredients – avocados, onions, and garlic – are all dangerous to our canine companions. When consumed in sufficient quantities avocado can lead to vomiting, diarrhea or the lack of stool production. Onions and garlic can result in gastrointestinal issues, elevated heart rate and damage to the red blood cells.


#4 Soda/Caffeine


Soft drinks, energy drinks, and some sports drinks can be loaded with caffeine. If your dog consumes too much of these sugary drinks, he could experience some serious effects. These include body tremors, restlessness, heart palpitations and breathing issues.


#5 Chocolate


What party would be complete without a yummy chocolate dessert? Unfortunately, this sweet treat is dangerous to dogs. A compound known as theobromine can cause heart arrhythmias, muscle tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and even death.


Dark chocolate contains the most theobromine, with milk chocolate and white chocolate respectively. However, depending on the sensitivity and size of your pooch, even a little white chocolate could be dangerous.


#6 Ice Cream   


Although ice cream won’t necessarily cause death, your pooch will most likely experience some unpleasant side effects from this creamy delight. This is because the canine species lack the proper enzyme to break down the lactose found in dairy products.


Lactose intolerance can lead to severe diarrhea, vomiting, and if given in large quantities or on a regular basis can result in other stomach diseases and pancreatitis.


#7 Grapes & Raisins


Watch that bowl of grapes and those snack size boxes of raisins when you have a dog in the party-zone. Although science isn’t quite sure what this fruit contains that makes it dangerous to dogs, they do know it can lead to kidney failure. When this happens, your dog will experience legarthy, vomiting and eventual death.


#8 Candy & Gum


Kids can be careless when it comes to eating candy or spitting out their gum, so watch out that Fido doesn’t slurp up one of these culprits. Although the sugar content found in candy and gum is not good for dogs, the primary concern is in the sugarless variety.


A sweetener known as Xylitol can cause a drop in your canine’s blood sugar, which can then lead to liver failure. Other symptoms of xylitol poisoning are legarthy, loss of coordination, vomiting and if left untreated, death.


This chemical can also be found in toothpaste and peanut butter, so read those labels before you bring them into a canine household.


#9 Bacon & Other Fatty Meats


Who wants bacon on their burger? Not so fast, Fido!


Even though bacon flavoring can be found in some dog foods and treats this and other processed

meats are not good for our canine companions. In fact, these foods are high in fat, which over time, can lead to obesity and pancreatitis.


This type of food is also extremely high in sodium which can lead to excessive thirst, which can lead to a condition known as bloat. This is when the stomach of the dog flips over on itself, which then causes a blockage.


Keep Your Pooch Away From the Party


If you are hosting a large gathering where there will be a variety of foods, it’s best to keep your pooch away from the party. Your guests may be well intentioned when they’re slipping your dog a tasty morsel under the table, but that nibble could be dangerous.


Dogs can also be sneaky when the temptation is in front of them. Stealing from people’s plates when they’re not looking or even getting into the garbage for discarded food can put your dog in harm’s way.


If your canine companion can’t be trusted, then kennel him or put him away in another room with his favorite toys and some dog-safe snacks. You will be happy you did.


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