7 Top Tips For First Time Dog Owners

Dog ownership is a bit of a dream for many people once they get their own place and finally have the money to support a furry companion in the home. But, some people rush into this life-changing decision without considering what it means to bring a dog into the home for the first time. Here are 7 tips for first-time dog owners to help you out.



1. Research the breed of dog you will get very carefully


This is an essential tip to start off with here. Before you get your new pup home or even consider purchasing a dog, you need to have some awareness of the characteristics of the breed. Find out about their temperament, potential health issues, their coats, diet, exercise needs and anything else you can learn. Knowledge is power when you face obstacles in the early stages of pet parenthood. Prepare yourself



2. Make sure that your dog has the right space in your home and prep before they arrive.


Space means more than having enough room to run around outside and their own bed. This is essential for them to be happy and healthy. But, there is also the issue of personal space. Consider giving them their own private areas such as a crate or a pen where they can keep their bed and toys. It is a great place for them to feel safe and get privacy, especially when they are settling in.



3. Make sure they have the right food


Obviously, feeding your needs dog is essential and you know that. But, do you know what the best type of food is for them? You have to be careful to put them on the ideal diet for their breed, age, and any health issues. Look at puppy formulas for new pups and senior options for rescued seniors. Learn about portion control, the risks of overeating and make sure to use the best bowl for their breed type. Here are the some best dog food options for huskies.



4. Make sure that they get the right amount of exercise


Every dog needs to get at least one good walk to make sure that they stay fit and healthy. They need to burn off those calories and stay in shape. Figure out the best plan for your dog that will work with your schedule. Ideally, make sure that you can commit to this sort of schedule before getting the dog. Look up local routes and dog parks to help you out.



5. Provide the best possible healthcare


This is something that you need to get into the habit of from the start. The sooner that you train your dog to be handled at home, the easier it is to groom and clean them. You need to understand how best to clean your dog’s ears, eyes, and teeth, how to bathe them and how to clip their nails. This means finding the best equipment for their size and breed such as the best dog nail grinder. Also, healthcare means regular trips to vets to check their progress and get their vaccinations.



6. Start your training program as early as possible for the best results


It is easy to get carried away with the excitement of having a new puppy in the home. Before long, they may be getting away with murder and this could confuse them once you start training them. Start obedience training and housebreaking straight away with consistent rules and commands. Also, start socialization as soon as you are able in the home with other dogs and visitors. Socialization is essential if you have children and other animals in the home already.


7. Enjoy your new dog


This last tip is possibly the most important for any new dog owner. You have to treat the first days of dog ownership the same as the rest of your time with your new companion. Get into all the habits you need to learn as soon as possible. Figure out all the regimes, diets and training plans before your dog arrives with all that diligent research. If you have a partner, make sure that you are on the same page. Make yourself accountable for care needs and high standards of pet ownership from day one.



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  1. Zoe Campos

    Thank you for reminding me that I should always be aware of my chosen breed’s characteristics including their potential health issues, coats, diet, and exercise needs. My friend introduced me to her Siberian Husky, Stevie, and after playing with him for a while, I realized that I wanted one on my own. I’ll follow your advice and decide on the breed I want after looking for puppies for sale here in Los Angeles.


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