7 Tips for City Living With Dogs

7 Tips for City Living With Dogs

Owning a dog in the city is far different from owning a dog in the suburbs or in a rural area. City dogs are held to a different standard, must learn to interact with people in a different way and must be differently trained than other dogs. As dogs who live in close quarters with many people and who regularly walk among the crowds of strangers, city dogs must be extra polite, extra well behaved, and extra calm in the presence of overwhelming stimulation.

Train Early and Often

From an early age, city dogs must be trained more fervently, thoroughly and effectively than their suburban counterparts. Without self-control, dogs cannot go out in public and often cannot live in apartments. If you’re a city dweller dog owner, enroll your dog in proper obedience training as soon as your pup is old enough. In class, city dogs learn not to bark too much, to be restrained in the presence of strangers, and how to walk calmly in large crowds.

Stay Polite on Trains, Buses, and Automobiles

Dogs can’t always use public transportation, but sometimes they can. Rules of pet transport on public buses and subways can vary from one city to the next, so do your best to familiarize yourself with these policies before taking your pet on public transportation.

When taking your dog on a bus or train, have your dog lie down at your feet. Do not allow your dog to block the walkways or rub up against strangers. Rush hour crowds can step on dog paws, so travel in off hours whenever possible.

In cases when public transportation is not available, a taxi service can help you get around. Call ahead to different taxi companies to make this process less stressful.

House Train Inside as Well As Outside

House training can be complicated for animals without access to a yard or a park. A house training pad set inside a litter box is an excellent bathroom option for a dog who is inside an apartment all day. Outside, many dogs can be trained to relieve themselves in the gutter.

This is different from house training the suburbs, where a doggy door and a green yard is all that a dog needs to “do business.” To make this process easier, find a trainer to help you house train your pup.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Dogs need exercise, no matter where they live. Assuming you don’t have a yard, you’ll need to walk your dog two, three or even four times per day. Walks give dogs the chance to relieve themselves without using papers or a litter box. Walking also prevents dogs from feeling frustrated, cooped up, bored or alone.

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a park, take your dog for a walk in green spaces during park hours. If you don’t live near a park, your dog will learn to love walking on sidewalks and pavement. Dog owners must be cognizant of the heat that rises from sunny asphalt during the summer. To protect your dog’s paws, take routes that are partially sheltered under awnings.

Polite dog owners carry poop bags with them where ever they go. Those who don’t may face fines, depending on the city ordinances.

Hire Help

Many dog owners are unable to take their dogs out during working hours. Hiring a dog sitter or dog walker for a daily visit can help ensure that your dog will get his daily dose of exercise. Vetting the sitter well is important. Look for someone who is experienced and who has good references.

Keep Play Manageable

There are lots of games that dogs can play inside, but dogs need to be taught that barking from excitement, even during playtime, is not acceptable. Treats and snacks can help encourage dogs to play quietly with their owner. Playing with your dog frequently makes it easier for your dog to contain his or her excitement.

Contact a Trainer in Your Area

If you’re a new dog owner and you live in the city, contact an expert for dog training as soon as your dog is old enough. Owners that work with their dogs regularly find that the experience of owning a dog is more rewarding and enjoyable.



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