7 Reasons You Need A Daily Dog Walker

 7 Reasons You Need A Daily Dog Walker

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  • Physical activity is just as important for dogs as it is for people. Increasing your dog’s fitness level
    improves both the physical and mental health of your canine companion. Dogs that are in shape get
    more enjoyment out of life, making their time with their owners more memorable and fun.
    The benefits of exercise are numerous and include:
  •  Weight control-Slim dogs not only look better but they are also less likely to suffer from heart
    disease and respiratory failure. Because excess pounds put added stress on joints, dogs with
    arthritis need to maintain an ideal weight so that their condition is more tolerable.
  •  A sound and able body-Exercise keeps bones strong, joints lubricated, blood flowing smoothly,
    and the cardiovascular system working properly. Much like people, physical activity enables a
    dog’s body to stay strong and healthy.
  •  Ease in aging-Because a fit dog is a healthier dog, your furry friend’s transition into old age will
    be much easier if he or she is kept in shape.
  •  Prevents behavioral problems-Dogs that are not given the chance to play may grow bored and
    restless. This might cause them to look for ways to entertain themselves, which may lead to
    bad behaviors and habits. Inactive dogs are also loaded with unused energy, making them
    hyper and uncontrollable. Avoid these situations and keep your home peaceful by engaging
    your dog in fun activities that burn off extra energy.
  •  Fulfills purpose-Certain breeds were initially created for long days of labor. These hard
    working breeds need lots of physical activity. Performing vigorous exercise is similar to carrying
    out the demands their original jobs placed on them and satisfies their immeasurable exercise
  •  Chance to socialize-Friendly dogs love being around other four-legged creatures. Playing at a
    dog park or beach gives your canine the chance to meet other dogs.
  •  Interactions with humans-Dogs are no better than people when it comes to exercise. They
    won’t normally get up and get active themselves; they need someone else to get them started.
    This is a wonderful excuse for humans and animals to come together and spend time with each
  • Physical activity must be a regular part of your dog’s routine. However, your busy life might make it
    impossible to spend enough time exercising your dog. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting offers a dog walking
    service that can ease your burden. The Indian Trails dog walkers take your dog out for you, giving your
    pooch the chance to exercise. This helps you and your dog!
  • If you want your dog to be as happy and healthy as possible, make sure your four-legged friend gets
    plenty of exercise. Call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting to schedule your FREE meet and greet at 704-763-9857
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