7 Reasons People Don’t Like Cats

Kittens are fluffy, cuddly, and cute, and anybody can fall in love with them. However, they grow up to become cats and this is what some people do not like. If you are a cat lover, you perhaps will be surprised, but it is a fact that there are people do not like the grown-up kitties, and if you are wondering why then go through the 7 common reasons given below.

  1. They are their own masters

It is commonly said that no one can ever fully own a cat as they will always be their own masters. They do what they want to, in whatever way they wish to, and whenever they desire. They do not much obey commands and are masters of their mood. This makes cats appear to be haughty and many people do not like it.

  1. They scratch people, even without reasons

Everyone knows that these feline creatures love scratching. At times, they may scratch any human, even their own owners when they are just trying to give them a hug or cuddle them. Some believe that this is just a way that cats show their love for you. Others, however, consider this behavior as nasty. One should remember that even dogs do scratch their owners, at times, when they are excited. This, however, means no harm in either case.

  1. They are not really affectionate

Cats, many people believe, do not show affection that one expects of pet. They will not get excited and jump and lick their owners when they come back home, and nor will they like getting cuddled now and then. Does this mean they are not affectionate at all? Well, they are. Like other pets, these feline creatures also love their owners, but they display their emotions in a passive way, something which everyone does not understand.

  1. Some people are allergic to them

Yet another reason why some people do not like the grown-up kittens is that they can cause them an allergy. Such allergy can result in coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and even red blotches on some people’s skin. Those who are allergic to kittens may even suffer from nasal congestion and watery eyes.

  1. They do not entertain

Many people like to play with their pets and love it when they entertain them. Usually, cats display no such behavior and will prefer lazing on the balcony enjoying the sun, rather than playing with their humans. However, this is not entirely true, as many cats are lively and love spending time and playing with their owners.

  1. They are not a good company

Cats generally like to be on their own and love their own space. Though there are kittens who take a nap on their human’s belly or lap, this much depends on the mood of the feline. If, however, they want to be alone, then no pampering can get them close to you. If they find a nice space inside a cardboard box, they will stay in it, and will just not be by your side. But is it not a fact that if dogs have a bad mood and you try to make them play with you, they may bite you. Even humans do not like to entertain when they have a bad mood.

  1. They seem less emotionally attached

The grown-up kittens will not show the kind of attachment a dog does. This does not mean they are not attached, but their way of displaying the same is different, and not as obvious as that displayed by dogs. This makes many people believe that cats are not attached to their humans, and thus they dislike them. True that some people do not like cats as they do not express their emotions as dogs do, nonetheless they do love their human friends. They display their love for their owners in a completely different way, and this something only feline lovers understand. What’s more interesting is that cats like those who do not like them, so a good way of befriending these little fluffy creatures will be not to like them, at least this is what you need to make them feel initially.



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