7 Dogs Shot And Left Dead in The Woods in Union County NC

7 Dogs Shot And Left Dead in The Woods in Union County NC

7 dogs found in the woods in Union County and left there.  This just makes me sick.  I can’t believe that someone would do this.  What kind of an animal (I could use another word)  can just shot 7 dogs and then jut walk away?  

I hate that I have to share this with you but this disgusting slug must be caught and arrested. I am sharing this because I’m an advocate for animals and a business owner in Union County. You can get $14,000.00 if you know who did this and report it to the police. Please step up if you know who did this. Do the right thing. and share this post far and wide.

I am sharing below what I read on Facebook yesterday.  It is very disturbing and I am sorry but this news needs to hit every household in the Charlotte area to catch this so called person (I have other words for him).

I am NOT attaching any pictures of this as I have seen enough.

From a facebook posting


Here’s the latest case. Karlei is  huge animal lover and runs a rescue here in Union County and  She is co-founded Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue

Karlei tells me: a woman driving down Morgan Academy Road in Marshville late last week saw dead dogs on the side of the road. 7 – SEVEN! in all. Seven dead dogs.

(If you’re wondering, 3 were shepherd mixes. 2 were hound dogs. 1 was a beagle. And 1 was described as as “blonde” mutt.)

This woman evidently called the Union Co. Sheriff’s Office and reported the animals. Evidently, the Sheriff’s Office dispatched a deputy twice to locate the animals – but the deputy couldn’t find them.

The next day, Karlei went out, and says she found them easily.

She waited with the dogs so this time, the deputy could find the location.

Karlei says the deputy told her they’d investigate, and that a Department of Transportation crew would be out to remove the dogs.

But Karlei is a smart cookie. And, she’s got chutzpah.

She said no.

She told the deputy she wanted to take the dogs to be tested, by her veterinarian, to find out how they died. There were no obvious wounds, no signs they were bait dogs, and the dogs weren’t malnourished. And the chances all 7 were hit by a car at the same spot on the same road around the same time? Come on.

Karlei said to me, “If (they’re) telling me an investigation is underway, how can it really be underway if you dispose of the body?”

So Karlei and her husband loaded up two of the dead dogs into the back of their truck and drove them to Ballantyne Veterinary Clinic. (Think about that: this couple loaded up someone else’s dead dogs, that had been discarded on the side of the road like trash, into their personal vehicle, because they cared that much about what happened to them.)

Anyway, the vet called Karlei and said the dogs had been shot, likely within a 3 day time period. One of the bullets had snapped one dog’s neck. Dr. Josh Humphrey was able to remove one of the bullets, and he tells me he is keeping it for investigators.

Karlei paints the picture pretty clearly: “They had to be contained, and taken out one at a time, and shot. Which is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life, if that’s how those dogs died,” she says.

Karlei went back to the road side dump site, gathered up the remaining five dogs, and did what you’d hope.

She named those dogs. The girls: Ingrid, Sophie and Scarlett. The boys: Rhett, Bailey, Baker and Clyde.

And then Faithful Companion Pet Cremation Services donated cremation services to those pups.

It doesn’t appear those 7 dogs died with any dignity, but, they were laid to rest with some.

You’re probably thinking: this is all fine and well, Morgan, but whoever did this will likely never be caught.

And, sadly, you could be right.

But maybe someone who lives in that area knows someone who had 7 dogs… and now has none.

Maybe the person who did it is bragging about it.

“Somebody who does something like this, they’re typically proud of the fact they did this and they will tell someone,” says Karlei.

And if they tell you? Or if you know who did this? You could get $14,000 dollars if you give the police information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

Crime Stoppers kicked in $5,000.
PETA kicked in $5,000 today.
One business owner kicked in $1,500.
UPDATE: Another business owner kicked in another $2,500.

You can call Union Co. Animal Services: 704-283-2308.
The Crime Stoppers number is: 704-283-5600.

Are y’all tired of this, too?

 If you want to watch the TV report, click HERE >>> http://bit.ly/2js0TEk

PPS I asked the Union Co. Sheriff’s Office spokesman to tell me what statute this incident could fall under. He told me, “It is possibly animal cruelty but depends on circumstances.”



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  1. Thomas Archer

    Thank you to those who care about these poor dogs. I hope they find the killer.


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