5 Tips To Being A Responsible Dog Owner And Making Sure You Have Happy Dog!

5 Tips To Being A Responsible Dog Owner And Making Sure You Have Happy Dog! 

Among companion animals, dogs are incomparable in their friendship, devolution and loyalty to humankind. When you decide to adopt a dog, it is very exciting and interesting. There are so many fun things you can do with a dog, and they are very amazing at any age. It is easy to imagine all of the adventures you will have with your pet and forget all the responsibilities that accompany ownership of a dog.Embrace your dog like one of your family members. Dogs provide unconditional love and happiness, and they deserve the same in return.

Owning a dog is a great responsibility and commitment. Always ensure you do the very best for your dog. Dogs depend on you for food and shelter, and they deserve the best. Before considering taking a dog into your life, you should be able to think about the commitments that dog ownership entails. Consider if you can gratify all obligations as its owner. Here are 5 tips for being a responsible dog owner and making sure you have a happy dog.

5 Tips To Being A Responsible Dog Owner And Making Sure You Have Happy Dog!

1.Make training a priority

A well-trained dog is a happy dog indeed. Training your dog is vital for safety and mental stimulation. Teach your dog simple commands such as stay sit and come. This will fulfill your dog desires to learn and please. Expose your dog to different people regularly. Ensure you take your pet to the pet store and dog park. Praise him for staying calm around other dogs and obeying your commands, this will make your dog happy and feel comfortable. Prevent your dog from nuisance barking that might annoy your neighbours. Teach your dog not to bark without real provocation. Furthermore, give your dog a job, this will give your dog a sense of commitment and purpose it will give him a sense of being and purpose.

2.Keep your dog healthy

Your dog health is very important. A healthy dog is a happy dog. Brush your dog’s teeth to keep them pearly white. Brushing his teeth the dog breath will be minty fresh. Take your dog to a professional dog groomer to be cleaned or do it yourself provided you are comfortable. Set up a regular check up with veterinary to know more about dog’s diet, behaviour and activity levels. Regular exercise for your dog will ensure good health. Take your dog for a walk, this will benefit his healthy making him happy. In additional, follow strictly on your dog vaccination schedule to keep your dog from other diseases.

3.Life- long commitment

The most important factor to be responsible dog owner is to commit yourself to love and care for your dog for his entire life. Dogs are breathing, living and feeling animals that form emotional attachments. They can get depressed and hurt feelings.


Dogs need affection, love and approval from his owner. Learn your dog’s love language, know whether he likes to play fetch with you, love having his back scratched and if he likes to be pet, as most dogs do. In additional you should be aware where your dog’s ultimate happiness lies. Reward your dog for his good behaviour and love your dog unconditionally this will make him happy. Loving your dog is the most treasured gift. Spend your time with a pooch and make your best friend.


Keep well- fitting collar on your pet with ID tags that contains your name, address and phone number. Check on ID tags regularly to ensure the fit of the collar is good. This would increase security if your dog got lost. Consider Microchips these methods are permanent identification for you dog it is highly recommended for the safety of your dog.


The dog is a loving animal, you should be the a responsible owner of your pet throughout his lifetime and make him happy and feel at home for his entire life.




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