5 Reasons you need to hire a Dog Walker

5 Reasons you need to hire a Dog Walker 

Exercise has been shown to have both physical and psychological benefits for people of all ages and these benefits extend to man’s best friend as well. Study has shown that a dog needs at least 30 minutes of invigorating exercise each day.  Hiring a dog walker for a few times a week to come and walk your dog will ensure they live a long, happy and healthy life. Did you know that a large percentage of the dog-owning population simply does not have the time or energy left for walking their dog or throwing Frisbees or playing catch with their dogs after hours spent trying to earn a living?  Below are 5 reasons you need to hire a dog walker. 

1. Improving your Pet’s Health

An alarming study shows that 54% of cats and dogs in America are obese and a 20-minute walk a few days a week can help prevent a wide array of

5 Reasons you need to hire a Dog Walker

diseases that can decrease the quality of life for your pet such as heart disease and arthritis, which are not only life-threatening for your dog but also expensive to treat. 

2. Helping Mould Behavior

Dogs are generally energetic and if this energy is not channeled constructively, it can provide room for your dog to engage in destructive behavior. Therefore, the next time your dog chews up your new shoe, it is a sign that he needs a workout to release all the pent up energy.

3. Socialization

Of the 5 reasons you need to hire a dog walker is socialization and perhaps the one we can all relate to. Social interactions are the highlight for most people’s days and dogs crave this interaction just as much if not more. This is because dogs are social creatures and playing with other dogs equals bliss. Spending time outside also stimulates your dog improving their mental health

4. Guilt

Hiring a dog walker alleviates that nagging sense of guilt that dog owners experience at leaving their dogs, alone and cooped up all day and gives you the peace of mind you need to achieve more at work. 

5. Time Saver

This should actually read life-saver as dog-walkers technically do save your dog’s life and that of your shoes, couch and peace of mind along with saving you time and energy while ensuring your dog is well-taken care of.



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