5 Reasons To Get a Dog

5 Reasons To Get a Dog

Not all people love dogs, but those who have a dog, always have many reasons to smile every day. Dogs are warm companions, great friends, loyal and at the same time energetic companions. Dogs are man’s best friend and for centuries, they have played major roles in man’s life more than any other pet. Below are the top 5 reasons why you should get a dog.

1. Dogs offers you total security 

Dogs are the best animals that will defensively keep away intruders from sneaking into your home or business premise. They are furious and will bark to  alert you and even attack any intruder with evil intention to steal your hard-earned sweat. So select a good dog that you can easily train and you will always enjoy.

2. Dogs are Loyal

Dogs are the most loyal pets you can have. They cheer you up the moment you arrive home in the evening. They never pretend even in their behavior. Should you get a dogYou will easily learn that they have messed up with something according to their behaviors and response. They offer you the  help when you need i.e., they can accompany you in the dark and will not run away.

3. They help you keep in shape

Dogs are great when it comes to making you exercise.  If you ever want to have a walking buddy, a dog is the one to choose.  They love to walk, the faster the better.  They will never turn down a walk.  They will actually remind you that it is time to go for a walk.

4. A friend to share free time with

If you are lonely at times and you need a warm friend that will cheer you up and give you the reasons to smile without excuses, then a dog is what you need.  He will jump up on your lap and maybe even give you a few kisses.  But most of all just want to be with you.

5. Dogs follow your commands

Dogs are easy to train and dogs are constant in following your commands. As long as you are a good master, they will want to show you the respect you deserve and make your happy.  Dogs aim to please.

If you are thinking of getting a dog, I would highly suggest going to a rescue or shelter and adopting a dog.  They are usually the best ones to go for.  They will remember that you rescued them.  And, in the end, you will see who rescued whom.




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