Can my dog catch a cold?

Can my dog catch a cold?

 Can my dog catch a cold? 
Dogs do catch colds, especially during the cold season. If you are a pet owner, you have probably noticed signs such as sneezing, lack of appetite and a running nose in your four-legged companion. These are signs of a cold. Dogs require treatment when they catch a cold. It is inhuman to assume the cold will go away. The dog needs your care and attention when it has a cold.

Not every sneeze is a sign of a cold
Sneezing is not always a sign that your dog has a cold. Occasional sneezing in dogs is normal just as it is in human beings. Dogs will be exposed to dust more often than not. Dust is an allergen that is a common culprit of sneezing. You should only be concerned if the sneezing is too much and is accompanied by a running nose and change of mood.

Did my dog catch a cold from me?
If you are a pet owner, then there have been some occasions when both your dog and you (or another member of the family) has had colds at the same time. Such an occurrence might have led you to believe that the dog got the cold from you or vice versa. Burry that thought. Human colds and dogs

Can my dog catch a cold?

Sick dog under a blanket.

cold cannot be transmitted to the unrelated species. Our genetic make-up does not allow us to catch dog infections and vice versa. Flu viruses are most active in the cold season- this is the reason all members of your household, including the dog, may have a cold at the same time. In other words, such an occurrence is mere coincidence.

How to care for my dog after it catches cold
As mentioned earlier, once your dog gets cold it needs care and treatment. There is no treatment for colds. Veterinarians treat the symptoms, so do doctors in human beings. There is a lot you can do at home to treat a dog that has a cold. Making the dog feel comfortable during its sick period is of ultimate importance. The following is a guideline on how to treat a dog that has a cold;
1. Make sure your dog spends very little time out in the cold; especially during the cold season, and at night when the temperatures are always low.
2. Make efforts to make the dog warm and comfortable. Providing the dog with a warm blanket is a good idea.
3. Provide your dog with fluids. Fluids help by keeping the mucus thin so that it will not block the nasal cavity and make breathing difficult. You may have to tempt the dog to drink a lot by giving it fluids with high sodium content.
4. Encourage the dog to eat. Nice food such as boiled chicken, chicken broth and brown rice are common foods that most dogs will regardless of the state of their appetite.

When to take my dog to the veterinarian
When your dog has a cold, you will have to decide whether to take your dog to a vet clinic or not. Most respiratory conditions tend to heal without medical intervention. However, it is important to take the dog to a vet. The flu may be a symptom of a complex condition.
Dogs are adorable, and their loyalty is priceless. It is only fair to give your dog the best treatment when it is sick.

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