What To Do With Your Cat When You Go On Vacation?

What To Do With Your Cat When You Go On Vacation?

Are you the owner of a cat?

What should you do with your cat when on go on vacation?  I am sure you have thought about this but not sure what to do. Maybe you are thinking about going away on vacation and are not sure if you can leave your cat to fend for itself during the duration of your vacation. Are you worrying about who is going to be there for your pet? 

Should I let my cat outdoors?
Cats, as I’m sure you are aware, like the company of another human and are unable to open a tin of cat food all by themselves. If they are a house cat, they may not know how to defend themselves and where to go out of the elements and find shelter. They may not even know there way back home. What Should You Do With Your Cat When You Go On Vacation?There are predators out in the world, just as there is for us, and you don’t want your cat to come to any harm. Leaving your cat outside is, of course, unthinkable. 

Should I leave my cat with food and water (alone)
You also cannot leave your cat inside the house alone for that long because, well, let’s face it you don’t know what kind of mess you might be coming home to and you don’t want to be stressed out after you have just returned from a vacation of relaxation. What if you left food and water out for the cat, you may ask, and what if I provided it with a litter tray and shut the doors of the rooms I didn’t want him/her to go in? Like I said, cats like company and it would cause them to feel very distressed to be alone, all while missing your company and wondering where you have gone. Although cats may seem self reliant, they do need to be loved and taken care of. 

Should I ask my neighbor? 
You could ask a relative or friend but how can you know that they will be responsible and pet and care for your cat as much as you do? They may not take the extra responsibility seriously. They may let your cat out of the house and not bother to wait for them to come back, leaving your cat to scratch on the back door of your house and all alone. On the streets your kitty may become lost or be snatched or mistaken for a stray. Cats can sometimes be difficult to find again. 

You could always hire a pet sitter 
A vetted and background checked pet sitter can be hired from many reliable sources that can be found, if searched, using the internet. These will be dedicated carers and have years of experience of taking care of animals. And as it is their job to the allocated sitter will make sure to stop by your house as often as you request them to and stay with your cat for as long as you have specified. They will treat your animal with the utmost respect and care, the same as you do, and be available to send you daily updates and even pictures. They will be cat lovers themselves and have references and online reviews.

What Should You Do With Your Cat When You Go On Vacation?Love and Kisses Pet Sitting in Indian Trail services most of Union county and has been in business since 2006.  If you are need of a cat sitter, give us a call 704-763-9857.  Or click the link below to schedule your FREE consultation.

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